Viant Launches Identity-Based Cookieless Measurement Solution

Proprietary Approach Attributes Conversions Across Omni Channel Media Buys
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Viant Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: DSP), a leading people-based advertising software company, today announced the expansion of Adelphic® advertising software’s suite of campaign performance and measurement tools to include ‘Conversion Lift,’ an identity-based measurement solution that provides a more accurate and all-encompassing view of advertising performance in the absence of third-party cookies.

Viant’s proprietary approach addresses several third-party cookies measurement challenges facing today’s marketers.

  1. 72% of all conversions happen on a separate device from where the ad occurred1
  2. Channels, such as CTV and some browsers and mobile apps are already in cookieless environments

“The guessing game is over – we’re able to fulfill the gap of insights that third-party cookies were causing, “said Chad Kehoe, Digital Director, ESB Advertising. “Through Conversion Lift, we can clearly see the path to conversion within Adelphic advertising software, enabling us to measure upper-funnel marketing tactics against real tangible conversion metrics.”

The proprietary technique behind Conversion Lift leverages Viant’s people-based data framework and Viant’s Household ID, a persistent, device-agnostic identifier to incorporate actual conversion data into measurement, empowering brands and agencies with insights about exactly how their marketing investments are contributing to their bottom line.

“At Viant, we’re committed to helping brands and agencies navigate the cookieless world, “said Steven Ohrnstein, Senior Vice President of Platform Automation & Analytics, Viant. “Conversion Lift overcomes the pitfalls of cookie-based measurement, providing marketers with a clear picture of performance compared to the traditional same-device conversions that are ubiquitous across other demand-side platforms today.”

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