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Viant Reinforces Secure IDs for Marketers with Snowflake

Viant Technology

Viant Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: DSP), a leading people-based advertising software company, today announced that it is leveraging Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to support data clean rooms in order to bolster secure data matching, transparency and interoperability for Viant’s Household ID across partners supporting the open web.

“In keeping with Viant’s business strategy to deliver best-in-class solutions for marketers, publishers, retail media networks, and others, our combined efforts with Snowflake will provide our customers with more secure, efficient and streamlined data sharing,” said Tom Wolfe, SVP Business Development, Viant. “Brand engagements across the new open web require deeper connection of partners across the ecosystem, and we look forward to helping brands and media owners achieve more privacy-compliant, secure IDs to optimize campaigns.”

Thousands of organizations employ the Snowflake Media Data Cloud to seamlessly explore, share, and unlock the true value of their data across the ecosystem while maintaining governance and privacy. Through this partnership, customers using Viant’s platform can connect to the vast roster of clients and data points within Snowflake on a shared ID, including Viant’s patented Household ID.

“Snowflake’s best in class collaboration capabilities break down silos and improve both governance and the ability to activate data,” said Bill Stratton, Global Industry GTM Lead, Media, Entertainment and Advertising, Snowflake. “Connecting privacy-compliant identifiers across the ecosystem is a boon for the industry. We are pleased to work with Viant, a leader in advertising software who is actively investing in the foundation to support an interoperable and secure advertising ecosystem.”

Viant and Snowflake customers can access this new offering today by contacting their account manager or visiting

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