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Video Advertising Leader, NOM names Brian Atwood CEO

Leading contextual video advertising company appoints seasoned veteran to drive client and company success into the future
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NOM, the leading solution for brand-suitable, contextually relevant video advertising, today announced the appointment of Brian Atwood as chief executive officer. Atwood joins NOM to accelerate client success and the company’s growth during a time in which brands are under intense pressure to be more efficient in their marketing efforts, even as the ad industry remains riddled with fraud and waste. Prior to NOM, Atwood served on the leadership teams of Zefr, dataxu, iHeart Radio and AOL. He was also a member of the board at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

“NOM ensures our clients’ ads reach their YouTube, and other video and social audiences and are aligned with content that reflects the brand’s values while eliminating wasted spend and exposure to questionable content,” said CEO Brian Atwood. “During a tough time in the market, I am excited to lead a high-integrity organization and do what I can to empower our amazing team, clients and partners to win.”

NOM is the only contextual advertising solution laser-focused on the combination of human intervention and machine learning to ensure accuracy with full transparency, empowering agencies and brands to hit their KPIs with unsurpassed levels of contextual relevance and brand-suitability.

NOM already has a substantial advantage in today’s marketplace. Until now, however, the company primarily focused inward as it focused on helping the advertisers it serves to get a lead in their respective markets and advance the targeting, brand suitability, delivery and optimization technologies needed to future-proof its clients’ success. Moving forward, NOM plans to be much more vocal on topics it believes its clients and the market-at-large need to be educated on in order to help brands ward off the damage and costs of fraud, waste and egregious exposure.

“Ultimately, we feel that advertisers determined to succeed in an environment where content choices are both overwhelmingly large and incredibly nuanced deserve honesty, transparency and a curated experience in order to succeed,” said Atwood. “That’s what NOM delivers.”

Over the quarter and throughout 2021, Atwood and his team will be doubling down on efforts to provide clients and prospects with more guidance in areas such as:

  • How to safely and effectively advertise on YouTube and social media platforms with video-level targeting strategies
  • How to eliminate ad waste — a substantial problem in the current market
  • Transparent reporting
  • The best cross-device advertising methods and playbooks in a privacy-first world

The company also has a number of new product releases anticipated for this fall and the year ahead.

NOM’s premium portfolio of clients includes Bumble, Disney, Harley Davidson, Patagonia, PBS, Toyota and many others. In 2019, NOM ranked #10 in the Inc. 5000 and was named “Startup of the Year” by ThinkLA.

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