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Video Content Management Leader VIDIZMO Partners with NESIC

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VIDIZMO, an Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) solutions provider, recently partnered with NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation (NESIC). They will jointly help enterprises, universities and government organizations in Japan; host, stream and manage live and on-demand videos, with additional AI capabilities. More importantly, these solutions will enable enterprises to manage ever-growing recorded Zoom meetings as part of the recent “Zoom Boom” in Japan.

Japan is the third-largest economy and, in the past decade, has been one of the fastest in terms of growth. However, growth for many Japanese organizations has slowed down since COVID-19. This has mainly been due to communication challenges in the post-COVID world.

On the one hand, video conferencing technologies such as Zoom have enabled organizations to overcome communication challenges and start growing again; the so-called “Zoom Boom.” But here comes the next challenge; how do you manage the growing number of recorded Zoom meetings?

How to Manage Growing Number of Recorded Zoom Meetings?

It gets difficult to manage large amounts of recorded meetings. How do you securely share them? How do you ensure that only authorized people can view them? How do you find that one meeting in a large library of thousands of recorded meetings? How do you transcribe recorded meetings?

This is where enterprise video content management systems like VIDIZMO help organizations solve such challenges. VIDIZMO allows organizations to automatically ingest Zoom recordings in a brandable video library and delete them from the Zoom cloud. And not just Zoom meetings, but recorded meetings from any video conferencing system; MS Teams, Cisco WebEx, BlueJeans etc.

NESIC has not only partnered with VIDIZMO, but also is using the solution internally to solve video streaming challenges for their organization.

“We have more than 5000 employees and hundreds of meetings take place every month. VIDIZMO has helped us organize our recorded meetings, where we can easily find them, readily play them, and share them easily with relevant individuals. This way, discussions done in recorded meetings can be revisited and shared seamlessly with those that were not able to attend those meetings.” – Osamu Kikuchi, Head of Business Development NESIC.

These videos are encoded to ensure optimal playback on any browser, device and bandwidth condition. Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) features, meetings can be automatically transcribed and users can easily search within the library and quickly find recorded meetings through spoken words, objects, faces and tags.

VIDIZMO support for Single Sign-On through ADFS, SAML, OKTA, Onelogin, Azure AD and many others, automatically provisions corporate users and groups with VIDIZMO.

“We have a large organization, and it has been a challenge to ensure that only authorized people can view confidential meetings. VIDIZMO has helped us solve this by creating groups and defining access for each video; who can watch them? The management? All employees? Or the public?” – Osamu Kikuchi

For seamless interoperability, VIDIZMO allows organizations to easily integrate with their other IT systems as well; SSO, HRIS, ERP, CMS, LMS, Google Analytics etc.

One Platform For Multiple Video Use Cases

It’s not just recorded Zoom meetings that you can manage through VIDIZMO, but much more. You can upload videos in 255+ supported formats and use the same platform for multiple video use cases, be it for streaming marketing videos externally, or for streaming internally for virtual training and on-boarding. You can add quizzes, handouts, track viewing analytics, brand the application and do much more.

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Compliance, Security and Deployment Flexibility

VIDIZMO allows customers to choose their cloud provider (Azure, AWS or any other cloud of choice), data center location, or even host data on-premises or in a hybrid model.

To fulfill specific compliance requirements, organizations can monitor user and video level activity through audit logs, password protect videos, stream them with end-to-end encryption, restrict locations and viewing.

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