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Video marketing platform Wistia Goes Live

New feature, Wistia Live, empowers marketers to easily host webinars and transform single-use moments into engaging, evergreen video content

Wistia, a leading video marketing platform for B2B businesses, today unveiled Wistia Live, a powerful new feature that empowers B2B marketers to easily create, host, market, and analyze the impact of webinars and live events. With this new addition to the Wistia platform, marketers can transform single-use webinar content into a treasure trove of engaging, valuable video content for B2B audiences.

For B2B marketers, webinars clearly work — studies show that some 83 percent of marketers find they deliver value, and more than 50 percent watch at least one webinar per week. These numbers have steadily increased since the start of the pandemic as more companies turned to video to reach newly-remote audiences. But hosting webinars is a complicated, labor-intensive process, requiring marketing teams to work across multiple platforms to plan, schedule, host, record and edit their content.

“Marketers love everything about webinars, except the actual process of making one happen. The entire ‘going live’ process is incredibly stressful and challenging, all to create a live event that is largely lost to time. We are flipping the script on this,” said Chris Savage, Wistia’s CEO and co-founder. “With Wistia Live, we’re giving our customers a single, powerful tool to create effective webinars and live videos with value that extends well beyond the day of the event.”

Wistia Live includes several easy-to-use features that enable users to:

  • Create: Produce engaging and frictionless webinars and live events that audiences will love from within the Wistia platform.
  • Host: Live events are automatically recorded and hosted in Wistia, so users can seamlessly organize, edit, and share your newly created video content.
  • Market: Collect new leads via event registration and embed the recordings on the website to keep leads coming.
  • Analyze: Keep track of webinar performance and on-demand video results, all from one place.

According to Drew Franklin, Director of Marketing at HData: “Wistia Live has much better control than any other live video platform for marketers. To have the ability to easily bounce from main speaker to panel to screen share with main speaker in a few clicks… I feel like I am running a well-produced TV show without the stress.”

Tomorrow, Wistia kicks off Webinarpalooza, a month-long celebration of the webinars powered by Wistia Live marked by one new video streaming every weekday. Webinars will cover a broad range of topics, from the serious (Wistia’s annual DEI report) and relevant (best practices for creating a successful webinar; a live recording of CEO Chris Savage’s “Talking Too Loud” Podcast) to the fun and lighthearted (a Halloween Spooktacular and trivia contests). Full details can be found here.

Pricing and Availability
Wistia Live is available on new Advanced and Premium plans. Marketers interested in the Wistia platform and the live features can also sign up for a trial account free of charge for 14 days. More information can be found here.

Wistia Live is just one component of Wistia’s recent company and product growth. To learn more about additional company momentum, you can read more on Wistia’s blog here.

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