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VOKAL expands its reach with the launch of TWIMC

Expansion of Fast-Scaling Digital Growth Firm to Include Creative and Content Agency Serves to Deliver Powerful Purchase Journeys for B2B and B2C Brands and Mid-Market Enterprises

VOKAL, the Chicago-based global digital marketing transformation consultancy, has expanded its reach with the launch of To Whom It May Concern (TWIMC), an award-winning creative and content agency. The expansion serves to extend VOKAL’s capabilities and capacities for delivering comprehensive, 360-degree business strategies for leading B2B and B2C brands. This agency extension demonstrates the direction in which global digital transformation is headed: unprecedented growth via the intersection of creativity and commerce that paves new growth pathways for companies at every stage of digital maturity.

VOKAL Founder and CEO Reid Lappin and TWIMC Founder Greg Weinstein and their teams together offer a full suite of services to solve complex digital growth transformation challenges for global brands and mid-market enterprises. The impactful combination leverages high-growth startup playbooks — including new digital business models, customer experience strategy and design, ecommerce growth, and creative and content development — to fast-track brand awareness, allegiance and exponential growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“By launching a visionary creative and content agency in house, we’re bringing a truly unique value proposition to the market,” said Lappin of the genesis of TWIMC. “Through this important and intentional launch, we can not only recognize trends, but lead them, to better consult and support our clients’ rapidly evolving needs by delivering today and scaling for the future. For brands and mid-market enterprises, we are one of the very few independent agencies with full stack capabilities; we often hear from our clients and private equity partners that we are the alternative to the WPPs and Accentures of the world.”

Added Weinstein: “To Whom It May Concern was founded upon my passion and vision to mix technology, content and culture to make legacy brands culturally relevant. Our goal is to build on my track record in marketing, product and content work consulting with major lifestyle brands including White Claw, Adidas, AirBnb, Camel, Footlocker, Bauer, Coca-Cola and Universal Music Group. Under the VOKAL umbrella, we can continue to spotlight products and innovators, while challenging conventions to enhance brand growth, drive consumer engagement and grow revenue across channels with deeply integrated campaigns.”

While VOKAL will continue to focus on leveraging the power of digital platforms, data and modern marketing technology to build intelligent go-to-market strategies for its clients such as Ace Hardware, Bosch/Dremel, Chamberlain, Culligan, Lou Malnati’sRed Bull, Twisted Hemp and Weber, TWIMC expands upon these offerings with such services as creative strategy, content development, media relations, influencer marketing, social marketing, experiences and events. The firm offers a modern approach to a traditional agency by bringing together an array of creative minds — artists, photographers, musicians, fashion designers, social media influencers and more — and creating a unique environment that positions the agency at the center of culture as it grows. Together, the influential pairing of agencies solves complex digital marketing transformation challenges for global brands and mid-market enterprises that need traction and results quickly. The firms aim to meet companies where they are with a nimble and metric-focused process, avoiding the heavy nature and price tag of working with global, non-independent agencies.

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