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Vonage announced collaboration with Amazon Web Services

New Vonage Fraud Protection Solution using AWS services and Vonage APIs to be made available in AWS Marketplace

Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation and a part of Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), announced today a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate the availability of new solutions to millions of AWS developers through AWS Marketplace.

This collaboration will bring together Vonage’s platform, which is based on communications APIs and network APIs that connect to communications service provider (CSP) networks, Ericsson’s 5G network capabilities, and AWS services. This will enable AWS and Vonage to create a suite of solutions that empower customers to use the network to drive innovation and create a better overall customer experience.

“AWS and Vonage have a shared passion for helping customers deliver innovation and value,” said Kathrin Renz, Vice President of AWS Industries. “Working together with Vonage, we aim to drive new industrial and enterprise applications across industries that combine 5G networks and technologies like generative artificial intelligence to fuel new products and enhance the overall customer experience.”

Omdia’s Cybersecurity Decision Maker Survey 2023 noted that 92% of organizations had suffered a security incident or breach during the preceding 12 months, while imposter scams resulted in $2.6 billion in losses in the US in 2022 alone, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Fraud risk is a growing concern for businesses, but the risks can be mitigated. The new Vonage Fraud Protection solution to be made available in AWS Marketplace will include the Vonage CAMARA-based* API SIM Swap (in alpha when available), its Fraud Defender solution, enhanced by AWS generative artificial intelligence (AI) services, and its Verify and Number Insights APIs paired with Amazon Rekognition. With this new update, Vonage will further build additional solutions like this that will accelerate bringing the power of network APIs to the market.

Among its features, the SIM Swap network API is designed to allow a developer to determine whether a phone number has recently changed SIM cards and if fraud was involved. Vonage’s enhanced Fraud Defender API will proactively detect fraud signals, Vonage Verify API allows for secure silent authentication, and Vonage Number Insights API provides Fraud Scoring capabilities.

The fraud detection capabilities of this solution will be further enhanced by supporting AWS generative AI services. This will enable businesses to better protect themselves from mobile fraud while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

“By working with AWS, we will accelerate our ability to embed communications and network APIs in applications and deliver new product offerings for AWS and Vonage customers,” commented Niklas Heuveldop, Vonage CEO and Head of Business Area Global Communications Platform for Ericsson. “With network APIs, we are exposing new capabilities from within the 5G network that have never been available before, allowing existing applications to be enhanced with network information and enabling the development of a new class of applications.”

“Voicify already integrates Vonage’s communications APIs into our conversational AI experiences tailored for the restaurant industry,” stated Nick Laidlaw, Chief Technology Officer at Voicify. “With the new Fraud Protection Solution that includes AWS and the addition of network APIs, such as SIM Swap, we can enhance the level of security we offer for SMS and telephony, ensuring transactions are secure and valid and reinforcing our commitment to providing a trusted conversational AI service.”

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