WalkMe Announces New GenAI Capabilities in Spring Product Release

New innovations serve as a preview to broader upcoming GenAI offering

WalkMe Ltd., a leading provider of digital adoption solutions for effectively navigating technology change, announced the launch of new generative AI (GenAI) capabilities as part of its spring ’24 product release. These innovations, including AI Answers and AI SmartTips, are the first components of a broader GenAI offering WalkMe will reveal at their annual flagship event, Realize, on June 18. These new capabilities highlight the company’s commitment to enhancing user productivity and improving data quality across enterprise systems while making GenAI easy to use for anyone.

AI Answers introduces a new level of conversational search that allows users to pose questions in natural language and receive clear, human-like responses, transforming how information is accessed across business environments. This capability is designed to integrate seamlessly with company-approved sources, providing accurate and compliant information to one team, the entire company, or customers.

AI SmartTips is set to redefine data entry for open-text fields found in processes such as performance reviews, IT tickets, and CRM forms. By guiding users with real-time input validations, AI SmartTips ensures that data entries are not only compliant, but also of high quality, eliminating common issues like inadequate or incompatible inputs. This new feature further enables WalkMe customers to avoid the high price of low quality data, including bottlenecked operations, derailed business strategies, and unnecessary risk.

“We are excited to unveil these new AI capabilities that empower our end-users to be more productive, with technology that meets them where they are in the flow of work,” said Adriel Sanchez, Chief Marketing Officer of WalkMe. “Cumbersome and disjointed user experiences, human readiness, and lack of visibility into how people are actually using GenAI applications are standing in the way of successful generative AI transformation. AI Answers and AI SmartTips are just two components of a much broader GenAI offering we will release at our annual flagship event in June to solve these problems for our customers.”

Alongside these AI advancements, the spring ’24 product release also brings enhancements to WalkMe’s Workflow solutions. Whether managing sales, HR, or any other function’s processes, business leaders can easily request, track, and manage digital adoption initiatives for workflows essential to their team’s success. With real-time analytics and customizable dashboards, they can stay ahead of challenges and ensure operational excellence.

Flow Analytics will help visualize and optimize user journeys to help customers better identify friction points on workflows that span multiple applications. Customers can effortlessly map user flows across even the most complex enterprise tech stack. Simplified and more powerful filtering allows for even better customization to deliver truly excellent user experiences and insights.

WalkMe is also introducing a new Partner Hub for third-party digital adoption collaborations, enhanced ActionBots, and more granular content access controls. This is another example of the Company’s human-centric approach to innovation, prioritizing usability across all features.

These new capabilities will be available to customers starting May 21, 2024, and the full scope of our GenAI offering will be showcased virtually at Realize on June 18, 2024.

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