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Why is everyone still talking about mobile retargeting?

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Everyone knows the value of retargeting for e-commerce players. You don’t need me to tell you that mobile shopping is continuing to grow and presenting opportunities for companies in this space – the fact that app usage for this sector increased by 54% last year speaks for itself.

But what if you’re not in the retail business – is re engaging your users a strategy worth talking about? Are there significant benefits for apps operating in other verticals such as gaming, taxis/ride hailing or food-delivery?

Retargeting isn’t a new concept, advertisers have been using it effectively on websites for many years now. With the huge shift in consumer attention to mobile in the past few years, it was only a matter of time before advertiser dollars moved to this channel. In the US last year, it was reported that users spend an average of over 2 hours and 15 minutes in apps every day, which comes to over a month out of the year. In Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Japan that number is even higher.

For any business, consumer attention equates to revenue. And with any channel that commands a lot of attention, there is potential. So as an advertiser, how can you unlock this value? We look at 3 large non-ecommerce channels to see how.

Retargeting can take your mobile strategy, and the people playing your app, to the next level. Encourage stuck or non-paying users to complete a part of the game that would usually cause them to drop off. You’ll find success if you pinpoint high-value users who have yet to hit a key milestone and give them a sneak peek of what’s ahead. We’ve found this works particularly well with playables.

To hold onto loyal gamers, you can show these user groups special offers and use deep linking to ensure they can access exclusive content directly.

Keeping these valuable players engaged across your apps over time is also one of the biggest challenges in this sector. Why not target high-paying users who have lapsed from a game with ads that motivate them to install your latest offerings?

Taxis/Ride hailing
Taxi apps are making it cheaper and more convenient for people to get around – but some users don’t even begin the journey. Increase conversions by targeting audiences who have installed your app but have not registered. You can do this by showing relevant ads with strong CTAs and deep links that make it easier for people to act. Dynamic product ads can be used to  remind users who have added something to their basket but haven’t followed through with the purchase.

For regular travelers, you can maintain their interest with special offers and if they start to disengage with the app, bring them back through targeted promotions and reminders.

Playables are powerful in this vertical as well – let users interact with your brand and entertain them with fun games.

It’s essential to ensure users have an appetite for both the food you are providing – and the app they are using. Regular foodies can be further engaged with special offers, discounts and reminders about what’s available, while themed promotions around major sporting events or holidays can attract both new and valuable users at crucial times of the year.

For customers who have previously ordered but haven’t bought again for a while, you can bring them back to the app with push notifications for money off during specific times of the day. This also works for customers who still have items waiting to be purchased in their shopping cart.

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Pratheet Vinjamur | Head of Retargeting at Glispa

Pratheet Vinjamur
Head of Retargeting at Glispa
Pratheet Vinjamur is the Head of Retargeting at Glispa. He’s an experienced industry expert, having worked in both Adtech and as an adviser to startups for online marketing.
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