Will Marlow Agency Recognized Among Top Ten SEO Companies

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Will Marlow Agency was recently recognized as one of the top ten SEO Consulting/Service Companies of 2020 by MarTech Outlook magazine. The annual rankings feature leading companies that have excelled through innovation in promising SEO Tech Solutions. Specifically, businesses were selected on their ability to leverage data, enhance analytics and use the collected data to influence content strategy, marketing strategies, and more.

“In 2020 and 2021, it is not enough for a business to stay ahead of their competitors, because you also need to stay ahead of Google. Google is working to limit the data you have access to, and to keep people from accessing your properties unless there is a clear benefit,” said Will Marlow, CEO of the Will Marlow Agency. “2021 is likely to be at least as challenging as 2020, because in addition to Google’s changes, you also will need to keep adjusting tactics based on shifting behavior due to COVID-19, and the only way to do that is maximize your access to the data sources that are available to you.”

According to MarTech, “What differentiates Will Marlow Agency is its commitment to follow the 10x strategy by creating 10x more valuable content than the current content that the clients are trying to outrank. Further, the agency has been able to develop a scalable model focused on measurable customer-defined success, while at the same time being very hands on.”

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