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Wishpond launches Beta for SalesCloser AI; announces new appointment

Wishpond launches Beta Program for SalesCloser, the Company's AI powered virtual sales agent. Kevin Ho, Wishpond's General Manager of Brax and Viral Loops, has been appointed General Manager of SalesCloser AI to lead the future growth of the AI powered sales platform.

Wishpond Technologies Ltd. (TSXV: WISH) (OTCQX: WPNDF) (the “Company” or “Wishpond“), a provider of marketing-focused online business solutions, is pleased to announce the beta launch (the “Beta“) of its proprietary AI-powered sales platform, SalesCloser AI (“SalesCloser“), that the Company anticipates will be able to deliver personalized, round-the-clock sales calls and product demos without the need for human intervention. The SalesCloser Beta program is an eagerly anticipated event, with several hundred businesses already signed up for its launch. Wishpond is inviting businesses of all sizes and industries to continue signing up for the program.

Ali Tajskandar, CEO of Wishpond, commented, “We are thrilled to launch the Beta program for SalesCloser, which we believe will be a very exciting product for both new and existing customers. We believe that SalesCloser solves the problem of accelerating sales and scaling businesses of all sizes and industries in a cost-effective manner. It is a constantly learning sales agent that works tirelessly, closing deals 24×7. We are excited with the potential of the platform and eager to see how our partners utilize SalesCloser during this Beta program.”

SalesCloser is an AI-powered sales platform that can work 24×7 to engage leads, close deals, and deliver insights in ten different languages. SalesCloser can be fed a knowledge base to provide custom-fit AI sales presentations tailored to any business and can manage the entire sales process from discovery to close. As a result, the platform is anticipated to allow businesses to reduce hiring costs, automate tasks, and scale to dominate global markets – all with detailed analytics to fuel continuous improvement.

Wishpond plans to adapt SalesCloser for a diverse range of industries such as software/SaaS, professional services, financial services, education, travel & hospitality, insurance, and more. Some other potential uses for SalesCloser include AI products designed to function as sales development representatives, product trainers, customer support agents, product onboarding specialists or customer success representatives.

Wishpond is also pleased to announce that SalesCloser will be led by Wishpond’s General Manager of Brax and Viral Loops, Kevin Ho, who joined Wishpond in 2015 and has since held various senior roles in sales, marketing and customer success. As the General Manager of Brax and Viral Loops, Mr. Ho is responsible for the individual operations of both business units. He also oversaw the implementation of, an AI-powered ads solution. Under Mr. Ho’s guidance and leadership, Wishpond continued to maximize synergies and integration between its product offerings, including with its next generation marketing platform, Propel IQ. Mr. Ho was also previously Wishpond’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he was responsible for all aspects of the Company’s growth including lead generation, strategic partnerships and public relations.

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