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With Interactive Content, a 94% Increase in Engagement: New Research

Analysis of more than 200,000 B2B sales and marketing professionals shows digital buyers' preference for interactive content -- resulting in more views, longer viewing duration, and higher engagement
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Mediafly, the only platform that connects revenue intelligence and revenue enablement, today unveiled findings showing digital content consumption has more than doubled since the COVID-19 pandemic, with interactive content proving significantly more effective in engaging buyers than static content. B2B buyers viewed interactive content 28% more frequently and spent 56.2% more time consuming it, confirming that B2B sellers who invest in interactive content can expect much higher returns as they work to inform purchasing decisions and capture more revenue in today’s dynamic, digital selling environment.

According to The Gartner Future of Sales 2025 Report, 80% of sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will happen in digital channels. With digital selling now the norm, interactive content that effectively engages distracted buyers and communicates value is at an all-time premium. Forward-thinking companies including PepsiCo, 6sense, Worldline, Givaudan, Sealed Air, and JLL are utilizing Presentify, a visual communications solution from Mediafly, to enable their revenue teams to take that challenge head-on.

Presentify empowers brands to replace their static, linear content with engaging and interactive presentations, animated social media & explainer videos, simulated app or software demos, sales enablement toolkits, and other self-guided, interactive documents. They can then deliver that content to customers via the Mediafly platform, which natively supports advanced content formats, to elevate sales storytelling through animation, track buyer engagement, and measure content performance.

“Our interactive Grab & Go presentations have been a great addition to our Mediafly-powered PepsiCo Advantage sales application. They are sleek, professional, and provide informative visuals for every stage of the buyer journey,” says Alissa Powers, Food Service Sales Representative at PepsiCo. “It is much easier to click around the navigation on these interactive decks than to swipe through a static PowerPoint deck, and the animated graphics really elevate my sales presentations and help me differentiate myself and products in front of prospective customers.”

Using Mediafly Insights, Mediafly’s advanced content engagement analytics engine, data was analyzed across 232,955 active users in 99 Mediafly customer environments. The numbers show that interactive content is the key to success in an increasingly digital selling environment:

  • Customer/Prospect content views: Companies who leveraged interactive content saw a 94% higher increase in content views than companies leveraging traditional, static content.
  • Duration per item: Customers spend an average of 13 minutes viewing interactive content assets, but only eight and a half minutes viewing static content.
  • Engagement per item: Interactive content produced with Presentify sees 52.6% more buyer engagement than static content hosted in Mediafly sales applications

While the data shows revenue teams that leverage Presentify to capture the attention of distracted, digital buyers with standout, interactive content have been more successful than those leveraging static content over the past two years, teams who share and present that content via Mediafly’s robust revenue enablement and intelligence platform see even more benefits, including:

  • Visibility into what content resonates with buyers so marketers and sales enablement teams can create more of what works and less of what doesn’t
  • Intelligent recommendations for what content to optimize, archive, and promote to sellers
  • A 360-degree view of sales activity and content engagement analytics in one dashboard for more accurate pipeline management and sales forecasting

“Today’s revenue teams are challenged by shorter buyer attention spans, growing buying committees, and a lack of visibility into the buyer journey,” said Nathan Jackson, executive vice president of Presentify – a Mediafly company. “The key to successful digital selling is to combine compelling, structured sales stories in easily navigable interactive formats with the content engagement insights needed to help revenue teams optimize their strategies, maximize live buyer-seller interactions, identify key stakeholder priorities, and determine the next best sales motion to drive a deal toward close. We’re happy to offer our customers a solution that does just that.”

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