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Wix and NTT Town Page Announce Strategic Partnership for Online Businesses in Japan

Wix will be the exclusive website platform and digital marketing provider for NTT-TP customers
Online Businesses in Japan

Wix.com Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX) and NTT Town Page Corporation (NTT-TP) have today announced a strategic partnership in Japan. As a result of the partnership, NTT-TP will now offer: “NTT Town Page Digital Lead Powered by Wix” to business customers across Japan. The service will include a complete suite of products including website creation, site management, e-commerce and SEO capabilities to power online marketing and promotion for small and medium-sized businesses. This joint effort marks Wix’s first co-branding partnership in Japan.

As NTT-TP evolves from its leading print directory business to digital marketing, it required a strong technology partner to provide its customers with a comprehensive digital marketing solution. As a result of this venture, Wix will serve as the exclusive website platform provider to NTT-TP, positioning Wix to become the leading digital marketing solution for millions of businesses in Japan. NTT-TP will tailor templates and content for Japanese customers, as well as offering the planning, developing and managing of the sites and services.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with NTT Town Page,” said Nir Zohar, President and COO at Wix. “This venture is the first of its kind for us in Japan and a milestone for Wix. We are very excited about the opportunity to join with NTT Town Page to help SMBs across Japan. NTT Town Page customers will be able to do much more than just build a website, they will be able to use the platform to promote and market their businesses. Japan is a very important and fast growing market for us as we have millions of Wix users here. We are committed to growing our teams, customers and valued partners as we expand our products, services and support across the country.”

“We are very pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Wix,” said Norio Sakai, President at NTT Town Page Corporation. “The Wix platform is currently used by over 160 million customers worldwide and is known for its beautiful design capabilities, management tools and powerful digital marketing features offered all in one place. In partnering with Wix to create a customized solution for the Japanese market and provide it as an NTT-TP service, we are actively addressing the issues of SMB owners who require improved marketing capabilities and the ability to attract more customers. With this new service we will fully support and enable business growth, and consider NTT-TP as a key partner for SMBs across Japan.”

Service features include:

Website Design – Sophisticated homepage design optimized for mobile use on smartphones and tablets. Included are hundreds of stunning templates designed for specific industries, business type and commercial objectives. Additionally, thousands of Japanese specific photographs are available for use.

SEO Tools – Using Wix’s SEO tools, the newly developed homepages will be indexed quickly. The Wix SEO Wiz features page-by-page prompts optimizing each page of the website. NTT-TP will take comprehensive and effective measures to rank the websites higher.

Site Management – NTT-TP customers will be able to use Wix business features with a suite of products that include Forms, Chat and Invoices. NTT-TP will also use Wix products such as Wix Stores, Wix Bookings and other applications to optimize the sites specifically for SMBs. Contact information is stored in a database that allows for easy customer management and marketing activities.

Marketing Features – NTT-TP will provide marketing services for SMBs to drive traffic to their sites and increase customer acquisition and conversion. Customer campaigns will be available using email, coupons and social media marketing.

Support – NTT-TP will provide full support for SMB owners including planning, development and managing services.

For more information: www.ntttp-dlead.com

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