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Wunderkind Helps AAA Northeast Exceed Membership Expectations

Personalized text and email campaign cost-efficiently boosts new clientele by 68%

Wunderkind, a leading performance marketing channel that scales one-to-one messages for top brands, publishers and advertisers, today revealed the success it has helped achieve for valued partner and automotive, travel, insurance and financial brand, AAA Northeast. With Wunderkind’s support in designing and deploying a personalized text and email campaign, AAA Northeast – which has more than 6.2 million members across six states – exceeded new membership expectations by 68%, drove nearly 6% of total revenue, and achieved a 12+% conversion rate.

Focused on maximizing its digital marketing campaigns and ensuring advertising spend yields a return on investment, AAA Northeast’s Vice President of Marketing, Rahul Chand, previously worked with Wunderkind during his time with an eCommerce brand. He turned to Wunderkind to explore how to identify anonymous web traffic, engage potential customers, and drive new memberships.

The club aimed to see if its technology, which excels at driving eCommerce sales, would be equally successful at driving new memberships. With Wunderkind’s personalized touch, AAA Northeast not only met their goals, but exceeded them exponentially. Wunderkind initially began as a pilot, with AAA Northeast measuring their performance as they would any other digital channel. Following excellent results according to AAA Northeast’s own analytics, they doubled down on the partnership.

“Wunderkind’s text and email solutions are invaluable tools for customer conversion, and we’re proud to have delivered that and more to AAA Northeast,” said Richard Jones, Chief Revenue Officer at Wunderkind. “As the ecommerce market continues to evolve, customers are looking for personalized engagement. Brands need to differentiate themselves, and Wunderkind is thrilled to demonstrate through this AAA Northeast campaign how brands can better connect to their priority audience.”

“Wunderkind is an important part of our membership acquisition strategy because it’s more cost-effective than other retargeting methods, thereby enabling us to drive greater value from our top-of-the-funnel tactics,” said Rahul Chand, Vice President of Marketing at AAA Northeast. “We’re maximizing the return on our investment, and we aren’t leaving opportunities on the table.”

Wunderkind’s platform facilitates over $2.8 billion in directly attributable revenue for top brands such as Sonos, HelloFresh and Uniqlo. With the performance marketing engine, AAA Northeast saw the results exceed expectations by 68%, as 5.85% of total revenue was driven by Wunderkind.

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