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Yeastar integrates WhatsApp & SMS for Omnichannel Messaging


Yeastar (, the world’s leading provider of Unified Communications (UC) solutions, today announced strategic plans for its contact center solution at Yeastar Day 2023 Virtual. Earlier this month, Yeastar released a new update to its P-Series Phone System, introducing WhatsApp and SMS integration for omnichannel messaging. At its annual virtual event, Yeastar shared its outlook on the market opportunities within the contact center sector and presented its product roadmap for the upcoming year.

The introduction of WhatsApp and SMS messaging features allows businesses to centralize all customer messages in one platform. Incoming messages are automatically matched to existing contacts. Using Linkus Web/Mobile/Desktop Client, users can manage messages from different channels in a unified chat panel, easily transfer chat conversations to team members, and collaborate within the same interface.

Yeastar also outlined an ambitious roadmap around its contact center solution.

  • More digital channels: Yeastar is actively working on integrating with more social media platforms, such as Meta Messenger, and adding live chat for website conversations.
  • More advanced routing: enhancements like priority queues, skill-based routing, and message queues will improve resource allocation and contact center efficiency.
  • More proactive customer engagement: beyond the inbound call center solution, Yeastar also looks to enable outbound calling campaigns with features like auto dialers.

“Our goal is to address PBX and contact center needs from a single source. This strategic approach not only diversifies our offerings but also taps into a burgeoning market with remarkable growth potential. It is where we can differentiate and brand ourselves uniquely,” said Prince Cai, Vice President of Yeastar.

Watch Yeastar Day 2023 Virtual on demand to learn more about the future of Yeastar’s contact center solution.

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