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YellowHEAD Earns a Facebook Marketing Partner Creative Badge

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yellowHEAD, the AI-powered performance marketing company, today announced it has received a coveted Facebook Marketing Partner badge for Creative. Already a Facebook Marketing Partner in the Campaign Management category with a badge in Agency Services, yellowHEAD has now received a second badge based on its in-house creative expertise and proprietary creative optimization technology.

Facebook Marketing Partners (FMPs) are thoroughly vetted by Facebook to ensure that they can provide expert guidance and measurable outcomes for advertising partners. While yellowHEAD’s Agency Services badge reflects the company’s expertise in planning, managing, and optimizing Facebook campaigns, its new Creative Badge shows that Facebook has recognized yellowHEAD’s excellence in designing and producing highly effective and engaging ad creative. Facebook will now list the company among a select database of official partners who can create, curate, or improve creative assets on behalf of advertisers.

This announcement follows news of the release of yellowHEAD’s proprietary creative insights platform, Alison, as a SaaS solution. Alison combines computer vision technology and machine learning algorithms to help advertisers understand which creative elements drive the best performance. The platform helps app marketers identify the most successful characters, colors, and other creative elements in their own campaigns as well those of their competitors so they can understand which design elements drive the greatest impact. It can also detect when creative is experiencing fatigue and make intelligent, actionable recommendations based on advertiser goals. The Creative Badge underscores Alison’s efficacy for Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook Audience Network.

“For years, the ad tech industry has favored data over creative. But as networks grow more privacy-conscious, advertisers will need to change track,” said Gal Bar, CEO at yellowHEAD. “That’s why we built Alison, our creative technology platform, and honed the expertise of our in-house creative team. We aim to match quality creative with deep, data-driven insights to offer an end-to-end performance marketing solution, and we are very pleased to be named as an official Creative Platform Partner by Facebook.”

Facebook’s Creative Platform Partners offer benefits to advertisers including access to experienced designers, scalable production, creative automation, and consistent, high-quality assets. As an FMP with the Creative badge, yellowHEAD can assist partners with tasks such as:

  • Creating original platform-optimized assets
  • Adding animation to static images
  • Personalizing creative, scaling the production of personalized assets
  • Repurposing or updating existing assets
  • Optimizing video for Stories or other deployments
  • Designing custom assets for playables, 3D, AR, and more.

Ads created by Alison have proven to generate more than two times the return on investment than ads created through traditional means. In a recent case study, yellowHEAD’s UA team leveraged Alison to identify creative optimization opportunities for Gold Fish Casino, a slots app by Sciplay. The optimizations led to a 101 percent increase over the average account performance for day-7 ROI. In another case study, global gaming company Bagelcode saw 20 percent higher CTR and 20 percent higher conversion rates with yellowHEAD designing its video ad creative.

“Since working with yellowHEAD’s creative studio and the Alison platform, we have seen incredible increases in campaign performance,” said Deanna Ishikawa, Director of CRM at High 5 Games. “The creative technology is one of the most valuable tools in optimizing creatives and increasing CVR by facilitating and perfecting creative testing. yellowHEAD’s team is always thinking of new, creative ways to make the most out of our advertising budget.” (

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