YOHO Launched a New Model of Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform

Deeply cultivating the vertical field of electric appliance e-commerce platform, YOHO will quickly integrate into the overseas business environment

In recent years, the e-commerce industry around the world has developed rapidly. A large number of cross-border e-commerce enterprises have emerged in the world’s online shopping field, bringing diversified products to consumers in various countries. The business field is like a battlefield. Although the industry is full of hidden tides and crises, many enterprises are still actively seeking breakthroughs, and cross-border e-commerce has become a major trend nowadays.

YOHO is a vertical e-commerce platform selling household appliances, 3C and beauty products. As the earliest online shopping pioneer in Hong Kong’s e-commerce field, YOHO has accumulated rich operating experience in the vertical field of electrical appliances. At the same time, YOHO has a clear operation idea. It uses big data to analyze a large amount of product data and uses the data to formulate marketing strategies, such as purchasing product data, managing inventory and promoting services. The comprehensive implementation of this aspect has enabled YOHO to survive and grow in a highly competitive business environment. It has successively obtained investment from Sequoia Capital, Arbor Ventures, Fresco Capital, IMS Digital Ventures, WNJ Ventures, SC Ventures and other well-known venture capital companies. With strong background support, YOHO ranks first among e-commerce platforms in Hong Kong, China, focusing on electronic products and home appliances.

In the past two years, under the guidance of Professor Li Jin, a famous economist from the University of Hong Kong, a global market consultant of YOHO, YOHO has put forward and implemented the grand plan of “cultivating Hong Kong deeply and going global”. In North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, they have successively integrated the local product supply chain and established their own logistics warehousing service system locally. Relying on the product supply chain and logistics warehousing services around the world, the company’s product categories are constantly enriched. Consumers all over the world can purchase high-quality products for life, work and other aspects on the platform, and provide one-stop high-quality services such as convenient and fast logistics warehousing services and perfect after-sales services.

After two years of painstaking efforts in building core elements such as brand, supply chain, logistics and warehousing, YOHO has finally come to its own development opportunity to link overseas consumers in the form of cross-border e-commerce platforms and comprehensively enter the global market of 100+countries. Based on its geographical advantages and cultural proximity, Hong Kong has a long and comprehensive history of investment and trade with Southeast Asian countries and regions. Southeast Asia has naturally become the first stop for YOHO to march overseas. As one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has become an important base and bridgehead for YOHO to march into Southeast Asia relying on its superior geographical location, good economy and large population.

Now, YOHO has the strength to compete with similar platforms in the vertical e-commerce field and has also demonstrated strong competitiveness and brand resilience. According to the survey of, YOHO currently ranks seventh among e-commerce websites in Southeast Asia, with Amazon, shopify and eBay in the top three. In order to make continuous breakthroughs, YOHO will conduct comprehensive investment attraction in Southeast Asian markets such as Malaysia and Vietnam, so as to integrate high-quality merchants and manufacturers, and better integrate into the local business environment and marketing ecology.

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