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Zefr Joins the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace

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Zefr, the leading contextual data platform for brands and agencies, announced today its integration with IRIS.TV’s Contextual Video Marketplace. With the integration of Zefr’s Human-in-the-loop powered contextual data, marketers, for the first time on the open web, can now use Zefr data to target relevant, brand-safe and suitable video inventory across thousands of IRIS-enabled publishers and billions of monthly video impressions worldwide.

Zefr enables precise, transparent and effective brand safety and suitability solutions for video and was recently named a Brand Safety Reporting Partner for YouTube. Zefr’s products are powered by its patented Human-in-the-Loop process, which combines scaled human cognition with machine learning to understand context. Zefr’s leadership position in brand suitability and safety on scaled platforms like YouTube and Facebook, including alignment with industry-standards like the GARM and the 4A’s Safety and Suitability framework, will now be applied to premium online video publishers and CTV inventory via access through IRIS.TV’s contextual video marketplace.

IRIS.TV’s contextual video marketplace simplifies the complexity and fragmentation of the video ecosystem across CTV and premium digital video by enabling Zefr’s video-level contextual and brand-safety analysis. For the first time, marketers have the transparency to confidently buy CTV and premium video inventory based on the topical nature of every video.

“For brands looking to shift their linear television investment to online video and Connected TV, brand safety and suitability are absolutely critical. With our inclusion in IRIS.TV’s marketplace, brands can now leverage Zefr’s contextual data to ensure every dollar spent on premium and CTV video aligns with industry-standard safety and suitability frameworks in these preferred video buying environments,” said Jeremy Greenspan, EVP of Data Partnerships at Zefr.

“We’re excited to welcome Zefr to our data marketplace,” said Joe Quaglia, Head of Data Partner Strategy, IRIS.TV. “Zefr has long been an industry leader for brand safety and contextual intelligence on the walled gardens. Joining our marketplace means that Zefr customers will be able to unlock these same capabilities in premium OLV and CTV channels. This is a win for everyone–brands, publishers, and consumers.”

Traditionally, contextual solutions were built for display advertising via keyword and semantic analysis to help marketers improve alignment with webpages; however keywords alone are insufficient indicators of suitability. Zefr’s technology enables marketers to ensure brand suitable environments based on industry-standard risk thresholds, without imprecise and blunt tools like keyword blocking.

The IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace unites thousands of potential integrations into a single ecosystem bringing together publishers, contextual data partners, ad servers, and SSPs into a marketplace that allows publishers’ video content to be analyzed and categorized into industry-accepted brand-safe and brand-suitable segments that can be purchased by marketers through any DSP via direct, private marketplace, and open auction buying.

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