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Zilliant Unveils Quick Start for Agreement Management

  • Quick Start for Agreement Management enables sales reps to streamline the creation, management and renewal of customer price agreements in Zilliant Deal Manager™
  • Deploy Zilliant Deal Manager™ in as few as four weeks with this latest addition to the Zilliant Quick Start Program
  • Customers realize significant margin improvement from Zilliant Deal Manager™, as more than 50% of revenue is transacted on agreements in many businesses

Zilliant, the No. 1 software platform for price and revenue optimization and management, today announced Quick Start for Agreement Management, which enables the deployment of Zilliant Deal Manager™ in as few as four weeks. Zilliant customers realize faster time to value and benefit from proactive management of customer price agreements, which are often undermanaged and an inadvertent source of margin loss.

Many B2B companies transact 50% or more of their revenue on customer price agreements. These agreements are often stored in ERP systems or on spreadsheets, creating significant administrative hurdles when price updates are required, especially in times of inflation and cost volatility. The undermanagement of agreements results in significant lost margin over time.

The newest addition to Zilliant’s Quick Start program enables companies to be up and running with Zilliant Deal Manager™, the market-leading agreement management application, in as few as four weeks. The application enables sales reps to streamline the creation, management and renewal of customer price agreements and integrates seamlessly with Zilliant’s price optimization and management applications.

“The management of customer price agreements in disparate systems or on spreadsheets makes executing timely price updates in response to cost changes or other market factors difficult and time-consuming, resulting in lost margin over time,” said Zilliant Chief Executive Officer Pascal Yammine. “With upwards of 50 percent of revenue transacted on agreements in many businesses, this undermanaged pricing process is ripe for an overhaul. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer Quick Start for Agreement Management to enable our customers to take advantage of the rich functionality in Deal Manager™, accelerate their time to value, and enable their sales team to proactively set and manage more profitable customer price agreements.”

Quick Start for Agreement Management streamlines the creation, management and renewal of customer price agreements with out-of-the-box capabilities that enable sales reps to:

  • Create, manage, and renew customer-specific price agreements at more profitable prices.
  • Set and update customer-specific prices on agreement lines at any level of the product hierarchy using multiple pricing policy types, including fixed price, discount from list and markup over cost.
  • Add lines, remove lines, manually edit single lines and mass edit multiple lines within an agreement.
  • Evaluate and score agreements using key metrics at the agreement and line levels, including margin, expected revenue and adherence to price guidance.
  • Automate the agreement approval process based on pre-defined business criteria.
  • Route agreements for approval, with thresholds set by the business.
  • Easily identify agreements approaching expiration, create renewal agreements from a previous agreement, automatically update master data and price guidance, and analyze renewal agreement metrics against the previous agreement.
  • Export agreement lines as .csv file for customer proposals.

Learn more at https://www.zilliant.com/products/dealmanager

Learn More With an Upcoming Demo Series

On Thursday, October 27, at 9 a.m. CDT, Zilliant is offering a demo of Quick Start for Agreement Management. Attendees will see how leading B2B companies are tackling these challenges with Zilliant’s market leading agreement management and CPQ application – Deal Manager™ – which can be deployed in a matter of weeks. Learn more and register for the demo.

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