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ZoomInfo Releases AI-Powered ZoomInfo Copilot

ZoomInfo Copilot predicted nearly half of beta users' existing pipeline, doubled sales opportunities

ZoomInfo, the go-to-market platform to find, acquire, and grow customers, today released ZoomInfo Copilot, an AI-powered solution that turns every seller into your best seller.

ZoomInfo Copilot is a new version of our platform that applies AI to ZoomInfo’s world-leading B2B data. ZoomInfo Copilot brings together all your data with high-quality ZoomInfo data and applies generative AI to predict your pipeline. You get powerful AI-guided recommendations about who to contact, when to engage, and even what to say.

The First AI-Powered GTM Solution Based on High-Quality Data and Signals

ZoomInfo Copilot allows salespeople to seize time-sensitive opportunities in real time with Breaking Alerts delivered through Slack. These alerts can be shared across multiple channels, allowing teams to quickly triage emerging opportunities and act decisively on high-quality intent signals.

Marketers receive ranked and prioritized target accounts and in-market buyers, derived from millions of signals processed daily by our AI.

“What sets ZoomInfo’s Copilot apart from any other solution in the market is that it is sitting on top of our AI-ready trusted data foundation that drives decisions, personalization, and confidence,” ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck said. “AI is only as good as the data it’s built on, and most solutions are layered on top of static CRM data.”

Key ZoomInfo Copilot features include:

  • Buying Groups: Pulling insights from websites, case studies, earnings call summaries, and many more real-time signals, ZoomInfo Copilot automatically creates buying groups of individuals who are most likely to engage and align with their ideal customer profiles.
  • Account Summaries: ZoomInfo Copilot aggregates first- and third-party data to provide users with detailed overviews of specific accounts, including pain points and use cases, upcoming deals, important contacts, a summary of previous engagements, and more.
  • Copilot Chat: Chat can answer specific questions about a given account, giving users the answers they need quickly using conversational AI. Users can request answers on a range of account-level topics to get up to speed as quickly as possible.
  • AI Email Generator: ZoomInfo Copilot’s AI Email Generator allows users to quickly craft targeted, personalized emails at scale. Emails created using the AI Email Generator can be adjusted for tone and length, giving users the ability to quickly personalize emails for a range of audiences in a fraction of the time.

Our 20,000 Early Users Are Selling Smarter and Winning Faster

  • ZoomInfo Copilot successfully predicted nearly half of beta users’ existing pipeline. 45% of the open opportunities in their CRM had ZoomInfo Copilot signals telling them to engage.
  • On average, beta users created nearly twice as many sales opportunities compared to non-users in the same roles and companies.
  • Beta users reduced their time spent on account research and manual tasks by 10 hours per week, giving them back almost a quarter of their time to spend on more value-added activities.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “ZoomInfo Copilot allows me to jump right into accounts with knowledge of their buying intent and contacts.” – Danny Underhill, account manager at Lumen, a medical tech company.
  • “Right out of the gate, ZoomInfo Copilot showed me several prospects most likely to engage that correctly fit our ICP, saving me time.” – Conner Watterud, BDR at FreightWaves, a supply chain market intelligence provider.
  • “I recently started using ZoomInfo and Copilot and have already landed 4 meetings with active clients. The ability to identify Intent companies and narrow down our targeted buyer is amazing.” – Jeff Beadles, VP of Partnerships at Cornerstone RPO, a talent acquisition company.
  • “With Copilot, I was able to swiftly pinpoint potential buyers within high-intent companies and identify those not yet included in a campaign.” – Joy Rohde, sales director at Earnix Inc, a global provider of SaaS solutions for financial services.
  • “Copilot is crafting really great emails, and it doesn’t feel like an AI wrote it. It feels like it was personally written. We’ve gotten more responses and more opportunities, because we’re reaching more people.” – Derion McGriff, business development manager at Apricorn, a manufacturer of hardware-encrypted external data storage.

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