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Zype Releases New Feature-Rich Apps Creator for OTT

Media Companies Quickly Deploy No-Code Streaming Apps Across Platforms With Enhanced Business Model Flexibility
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Zype, the leading video API and infrastructure platform, today announced that it has released the second generation of its Apps Creator platform for building high-quality OTT streaming applications. Apps Creator is Zype’s turnkey solution for media companies looking to build and launch beautiful and performant enterprise-grade OTT apps across digital platforms, including web, mobile, connected/smart TVs, connected devices, gaming consoles and more.

Zype’s Apps Creator equips media companies with the tools and infrastructure to build and launch streaming applications that meet the needs of modern consumers.

“With Zype Apps Creator we were able to move quickly and accelerate our time to market with a premium app offering that provided the right viewing experience and economic model for our business requirements,” said Jean-René Grimard, director, Whitebox Entertainment, an early adopter of the new Apps Creator which used the technology to launch apps for web and mobile to provide on-demand concerts and exclusive live event streaming performances using hybrid SVOD and TVOD monetization models. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer so many music fans access to premium concert live streams and on-demand entertainment across almost any device they’ve chosen as their preferred viewing method.”

Apps Creator addresses the needs of content publishers and distributors who want to create streaming apps to engage and extend their content across all OTT platforms including their owned and operated channels. This second generation is rich with features and functionality that will deliver a premium app experience, including:

  • App layouts that are easy to design with a responsive and intuitive new dashboard
  • A new content cataloging system that allows for seamless grouping based on video metadata, tagging and more
  • Flexible monetization models like TVOD, SVOD, AVOD and hybrid approaches, and the ability to offer multi-tier subscriptions mean applications can be designed to maximize revenue
  • Multi-region configuration and multilingual support that allows apps to look, feel and behave differently in different regions to provide streamers with uniquely engaging experiences
  • New sophisticated security and analytics features including Digital Rights Management capabilities and support for Google Analytics 4 ensure that content is protected and analyzed to safeguard ROI
  • Third-party integrations with subscriber management and payment processing platforms like Cleeng and Stripe that can help reduce churn and provide a seamless transaction experience for users

Apps Creator’s no-code app building platform allows users to focus on content creation and programming, making it easy to build beautiful apps without engineering expertise. Apps Creator productizes the app building process, easing the lift for in-house development teams who are able to rapidly replicate their designed applications across a variety of OTT platforms. Once an app design is configured in Apps Creator, adding additional platforms for distribution is a small incremental lift with just a few clicks, saving time for content managers while offering a single platform for governance.

Apps Creator’s deep integration with Zype’s Streaming Platform, including its CMS and CRM, mean that videos in the Zype library are easily synced in Apps Creator via an API integration, making it possible for customers to leverage a single-vendor solution for the management, distribution, and monetization of OTT video across TV and digital platforms. Users also have access to Zype’s robust 1st party data and analytics platform which provides cross-device streaming analytics offering a holistic picture of streaming metrics to help owners create smarter content and distribution workflows.

Alternative app building solutions typically may require customers to perform coding or wait on lengthy custom development cycles and offer limited platform support. Apps Creator offers broad platform support and a wide range of Enterprise-grade features and integrations with no customization required. Using Zype Apps Creator, customers can be in-market in days, not months, and launch OTT apps at scale with no development needed, lowering operational costs. Zype’s technical team can manage app publishing workflows, covering app store submissions and OS updates, which alleviates the many burdens of the publishing process on internal teams.

Upcoming Zype Event: “OTT360: Are Apps the Future of TV?” Webinar

On Tuesday, May 24th at 1 PM ET, Zype is hosting the next installment in their OTT360 content series, a round-table discussion on the opportunity OTT applications provide content owners. Panelists will discuss the role of apps in OTT streaming, the unique app monetization and content strategies apps enable, and how content owners can create streaming apps to extend their presence across the OTT ecosystem to capture new audiences across popular streaming platforms. To register for the webinar, please visit:

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