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10 Marketing Ideas for Uncertain Times

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In a world of change, many marketers are now racing towards plan B. All of us had exciting events planned, product launches scheduled, in person meetings set. A lot of time, energy, and heart went into building those plans, but life happens. Now is a time where you have really two options. You can be shell-shocked, disappointed and throw your hands up – or you can get your *&^% together and rally. Your team needs you now more than ever and so does your company. In that spirit – here are some ideas if you need them. This isn’t a perfect list – so feel free to add your ideas in the comments:

1.    Digital – Shift event dollars (if you can recover them) to digital programs that are meaningful. If your budget has been reduced, think about lowering the brand ad spend, and focusing on CTA related ads. With any digital – evaluate if your message is right for now. How can your business help considering the current environment?

2.    Email – This is a great tactic – just make sure the tone is helpful and consultative. It is important to ask, ‘how can I help’ – versus ‘sign up for a demo’.

3.    Webinars/virtual events – Instead of the physical events – try virtual events and webinars. You will need to keep in mind, a lot of folks will do this – so think about what will make your event stand out.

4.    Content – People may have more time to consume content. Can your team create more content in the form of blogs, videos, or short eBooks? For companies that have had to close store fronts – how can you engage your customer base online? Now could be a time to create a story or newsletter that is sent out weekly.

5.    Partners – Get close with partners – how can teams come together to create a bigger impact with less? Could you develop a webinar series, training, videos?

6.    Social – Is there a way you could leverage social media more in your business? Could someone help keep a conversation going with your brand while times are a bit uncertain?

7.    Customers – Double down on customers. They are the most important and valuable part of your business. Ask them what they need and how you can help. Offer free training – maybe some of your SC’s are traveling less – this is good for customers.

8.    Verticals – is there an industry you shine in where you could double down – or could benefit from your help?

9.    Team development – Can people on your team use this as an opportunity to learn new skills? I am having my events team pick up webinars and help the SDR team.

10. Breathe and try to be positive with your teams. People handle stress in different ways, be sensitive to that.

What are your thoughts? My goal in doing this is to help – I hope it benefits someone feeling stressed. Hang in there everyone!


    Heidi Bullock
    Heidi is the Chief Marketing officer at Tealium. She has immense expertise in marketing SaaS products. She has prime expertise in product marketing and revenue generation across the customer life cycle (acquisition marketing, up-sell cross-sell).

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