10Fold announces the launch of MetricsMatter 4.0™

New SaaS application, MetricsMatter 4.0, gives tech marketing leaders metrics-driven insights to support more informed decision making

10Fold, a leading business-to-business (B2B) “Deep Tech” communications and content agency, today announced the launch of MetricsMatter 4.0™, a groundbreaking dashboard that summarizes both communications and marketing results to deliver insights for marketing leaders. With this new reporting application, 10Fold retires perceived value metrics such as “advertising equivalency” or “potential reach” with a SaaS application that shows both the results and impact they have on segmented website traffic, as well as other channels. With MetricsMatter, marketing leaders can better optimize strategies, maximize resources, and take action based on real-time data. Designed for maximum visibility, the MetricsMatter application allows clients to import any marketing reports or dashboards with open APIs into the dashboard– giving them access to all critical marketing KPIs in one place.

“Finally, the communications industry is reporting on more than just monthly results and potential value. Now I can see which programs align with our marketing pipeline and budget. For instance, I can single out the media coverage that generated website traffic from those articles that do not attract new visitors, and advertising decisions are now very data driven,” said Anna Convery-Pelletier, CMO for Jumio. “Monetizing the impact of my communications budget just got a lot easier.”

MetricsMatter 4.0 Goes Beyond Monitoring to Deliver Insights

Communications and public relations firms typically share reports on activities such as reporters contacted, media coverage delivered, analyst report mentions, content developed, etc., to clients monthly. The problem with this model is that reports are often delivered in PowerPoint or Word documents. Larger insights rely on manual manipulation from the internal marketing team to parse what was valuable by comparing it with other tools – demand gen platforms, social media analytics, web traffic data, etc. and against different timeframes. The growing marketing software stack may include dozens of software applications, making this an unwieldy and manual process. What is more, when teams have specific questions about performance, it might take days or weeks to get answers.

To solve this challenge, MetricsMatter 4.0 allows marketing executives to view and compare their results based on any date range, anytime. With this application marketers can:

  • Demonstrate real-time progress of communications and marketing initiatives.
  • Compare results alongside the corresponding web analytics with the ability to drill down into results that created traffic spikes.
  • Evaluate campaigns for impact across multiple channels.
  • Compare key metrics against competitors.

“There are an increasing number of monitoring and reporting tools for marketing and communications. The challenge is most are limited to reporting on only one type of program (such as public relations), and often they don’t show the actual impact of the result on my business. What is worse is I get multiple reports from various sources, and that comes in the form of a static PowerPoint through email. If I need to generate board slides or tell my CEO in real-time the status of a program, inevitably it takes a phone call and additional consulting hours,” said Hiro Notaney, CMO, Sirion Labs. “MetricsMatter helps me define the business value the marketing campaigns and results have had and answer questions or generate slides directly from the application.”

Real-Time Access and Visibility Translates to Informed Decisions in Less Time

The MetricsMatter 4.0 application delivers updated results in real-time and allows individuals to isolate specific campaign results by selecting specific date ranges. Now marketing executives will not have to:

– Wait for manual reports.

– Update static PowerPoint presentations.

– Log into multiple monitoring applications to get an overview of their marketing programs.

“For years, communications agencies have been under pressure to articulate the value of PR and social results beyond ‘brand awareness’ into something that supports business operations,” said Susan Thomas, CEO of 10Fold. “MetricsMatter 4.0™ is the first SaaS industry application that reports impact as well as results for multiple communications and marketing programs. Now we can finally make a direct connection between public relations, social media and marketing through an automated application.”

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