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3 Ways to Maximize Influencer Content for Your Brand

Businesses are unaware that a single content can carry their marketing strategy. Kyle Dulay highlights attributes of making digital marketing successful.
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While influencer marketing continues to rise in popularity amongst brands, many are unaware that a single piece of influencer-generated content is enough to carry an entire marketing strategy. That’s because influencer-generated content is comprised of multiple attributes that are important to a high-performing digital marketing campaign.

Influencer-generated content provides brands with…

  • Social proof for your product or service
  • Strategic distribution to a specific target audience
  • High-quality custom content

Since a single piece of content can provide us with so many benefits, it should be reutilized for a lot more than its original purpose. For example: instead of only posting a sponsored post to Instagram, why not leverage it to create different types of content with a similar framework? Why not use it to create a testimonial or a short blog article, as well? The possibilities are nearly endless. 

Not only is this the perfect content strategy for time-strapped business owners, but it’s also the most efficient way to distribute content so that it drives more sales, traffic, and conversions. As a brand, you want to maximize your influencer content.

With that in mind, there’s no need to start from scratch every time you run out of content. Here are dependable ways you can repurpose influencer content while catering to multiple platforms.  

3 Ways to Maximize Influencer Content

Repurpose Influencer Content for Ads

Whenever an influencer partners with a brand on Instagram – whether they were paid to promote their products or received them for free –  they must disclose the content as branded content. However, not all branded content refers to ads. Some of the branded content simply include the tag “paid partnership with”, followed by the brand the influencer is partnering with. 

Sponsored content, on the other hand, will include a call-to-action at the bottom (for in-feed ads) and a swipe-up call-to-action (for stories). That means you can repurpose influencer content as paid ads without having to modify anything about the original deliverable. 

You can go beyond Instagram by repurposing content for ads on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any platform you know your audience enjoys. In fact, many platforms are introducing native advertising features like whitelisting, where you can repurpose influencer content directly through your ads manager. These native advertising features make things much more efficient when it comes to repurposing content.

Post the Influencer’s Content to Your Website

As a testimonial. If you’re lacking video testimonials, the content you acquire from influencers can serve as testimonials as well. Testimonials create social proof, which helps website visitors feel more comfortable when purchasing a product. If you post an influencer testimonial to your website, be sure to link to the influencers social media page as well so that customers can verify that the person is legitimate. Influencers with Instagram verification provide even more social proof for your product, as many consumers associate the blue checkmark that comes with verification as a sign of status.

As a product review. Over 50% of online shoppers read at least four product reviews before buying a product. Adding one sincere product review using an influencer’s words verbatim can be a solid way to crush pre-purchase objections. 

As a tutorial. Customers often want to see a product in action before they make a purchase. It could be time-consuming or expensive to create instructional content for all your products, in this case it would be much easier to include influencer content on your website to show potential customers how a real person is using your products. For example, if you’ve already paid an influencer to create a 60-second video demonstrating one of your products to their audience, that video should be included on your product page as well for anyone that wants to see the product in action. Influencer content is typically more raw, so it provides the viewer with product angles that they could not get by looking at a photo on your website.

As marketing copy. The best copywriting doesn’t come from you. Rather, it comes from people who have already experienced your product and have awesome things to say. You can amp up your web copy by using the words influencers have used to talk about your product, verbatim. 

Repost the Content to All Platforms For Maximum Reach

Ideally, you should repost influencer-generated content to all of your active platforms. This way, you’ll be increasing your visibility on multiple channels at once. You don’t have to be active on all platforms under the sun to make it happen – instead, focus on the ones where you’re consistent.

Depending on which platforms you’re active on, there are even more ways you can maximize your content, including:

  • Create sponsored tweets. 
  • Create Facebook ads.
  • Post LinkedIn articles.
  • Publish YouTube videos and Shorts.
  • Post to Instagram Reels
  • Post to TikTok

That said, you’ll want to avoid using the same content piece for too many variations. Default to repurposing an influencer’s work, but always make sure you’ve got a steady flow of varying content to capitalize on your efforts. 

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re primarily focused on selling on Instagram. If you’ve ordered an Instagram feed post, you can always repurpose the caption as one testimonial and post it to different platforms. Still, make sure it isn’t the only influencer testimonial you have for a long period of time. After all, social proof is in the heart of influencer marketing – and it must come from several people. 

Do the best you can to squeeze out every last drop from a single source, but know that your content will age eventually. In this case, you want to find more influencers, and repeat the process. 

How to Find The Right Influencers

A large part of repurposing influencer content is to find influencers that can create high-quality content for your products and services in the first place.

There are multiple methods of finding influencers for your brand, it’s encouraged to explore all methods until you find a reliable channel that works for you in a consistent manner.

Manual Searches

One method of finding influencers for your brand is through a manual search of your desired platform. Since almost all popular social media platforms contain a search function, it should be relatively easy to narrow down some candidates.

For example, if you’re looking for influencers to create a 60-second vertical video for your product, you might want to target platforms like TikTok and Instagram where this content style is native to the platform. 

Once you know which platform to target, you can use the search function on that specific platform to begin finding influencers to reach out to. Many influencers that are looking for work will have a method of contact listed on their profile, this is where you should reach out to them when inquiring about a collaboration.

Influencer Search Tools

Another great method of finding influencers for your brand is by using influencer search tools that specialized in this sort of thing. An influencer marketplace is a great place to start.

By using an influencer marketplace, you’ll be able to quickly narrow down influencers through parameters such as niche, platform, location, and more. From there, you can reach out to them for a collaboration.

Search tools are a great way to cut down on time spent searching for influencers.

Wrapping Up

A lot of business owners claim to be too busy for content creation. Lucky for them, it’s less about frequent creation and more about repurposing existing great content. This strategy makes digital marketing so much easier because:

  • You’ll be using the same high-performing formula to create different types of content. 
  • You’ll be saving time and resources by simply reframing a kernel idea. 
  • You’ll be developing lasting relationships with people who genuinely care about your brand. 

If you’ve been struggling to create one-off content pieces, maximizing an influencer’s deliverables will show you how much easier content marketing can be.

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Kyle Dulay, Co-Founder at Collabstr
Kyle is the co-founder of Collabstr, the world’s largest public marketplace for finding and hiring content influencers. Over 10,000 brands use Collabstr to source unique content from influencers, such as testimonials, sponsored posts, ad material, and more. Outside of Collabstr, Kyle has been creating tools for brands in the creator economy for the past 5 years.

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