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3Q Digital releases annual Disruptive Trends of Digital Marketing whitepaper

AI proliferation and the convergence of marketing strategies will redefine the industry
Artificial Intelligence

3Q Digital, the largest independent agency in digital marketing, has released its annual whitepaper on disruptive trends in the industry.

Authored by Growth Engineer Caitlin Halpert2019 Digital Marketing Disruptors identifies the convergence of once-competing marketing initiatives and the complicated rise of Artificial Intelligence as the trends marketers must address in their 2019 strategies.

“The digital industry is always changing, but there are huge shifts underway as we head into 2019,” 3Q Digital CEO David Rodnitzky, who has been in digital marketing since 1999, said. “Brands who embrace these changes head-on with a test-and-learn mentality will be positioned to gain significant market share over competitors who don’t.”

Halpert identifies five ways marketers can thrive in the changing marketing environment; these include testing emerging marketing channels; investing in robust measurement solutions; embracing automation and its capabilities; committing to an increased understanding of customer segments; and developing and testing bold, customer-oriented creative campaigns.

“The best thing any marketer can do in 2019 is be dynamic; as AI rapidly changes the industry, a more creative mindset is required to be successful,” Halpert said. “The most critical element of a dynamic marketer is a reliance on accurate and robust measurement for every ad dollar spent.”

3Q Digital was re-acquired by its executive team from Harte Hanks in March 2018 to become the largest independent agency in digital marketing. The company, which was founded in 2008, is based in San Mateo and has offices in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, New York, Austin, Raleigh, Denver, Charlottesville, and Burlington, VT. The agency has helped grow a vast portfolio of disruptors across industries; clients include Pinterest, eero, and Opendoor. (For a list of clients, click here.)

For information on 3Q Digital, or to get in touch with media or client inquiries, click here.

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