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41% of Marketers Overwhelmed by Pressure to Prove Results: Anteriad

Research With Ascend2 Shows Data Heroes Are 3x More Likely to Have Experienced a Significant Revenue Increase in 2022

Anteriad today announced results of a new study with Ascend2 that shows marketers under increasing pressure to perform in a tough market, and that a focus on quality marketing data, particularly intent data, can help drive results. The study, “The 2023 Marketing Data Impact Report: B2B Marketers Under Pressure to Prove It or Pull Their Hair Out,” found that less than one third (28%) of marketers expect to hit Q2 2023 goals and are feeling the stress. Ascend2 and Anteriad found that 41% of marketers felt either “overwhelmed” or “ready to pull their hair out” by the pressure to perform.

“Our research shows that in the face of mounting pressure to perform, marketers are turning their attention to high-quality data to help drive results. Data helps improve sales pipeline, campaign optimization and measurement, so marketers have what they need to reach their goals and prove their results,” said Todd Lebo, CEO, at Ascend2.

Key findings:

  • Pressure is increasing, but budgets are not. 41% of marketers say that the pressure to prove the value of overall marketing efforts is high (27% report it is becoming overwhelming, and 14% say it makes them want to pull their hair out).
  • Data Heroes experience better results and more revenue. 43% of marketers who report they are using the right data to target their audience saw a significant increase in revenue last year compared to just 13% of those who are not using the right data.
  • Intent data leads are more powerful – as proven in pipeline and revenue. 97% of those surveyed say that intent data leads drive more pipeline than non-intent data leads and 86% agree that intent data leads increase Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) conversions more than non-intent data leads.

The report also found that good data can help marketers improve their results. Marketers who report they are using the right data to target their audience were three times more likely to have seen a significant increase in revenue last year compared to those who are not using the right data (43% compared to 14%.)

The study also found that using intent data and buying groups help drive pipeline. Of marketers surveyed:

  • 97% say intent data drives more pipeline than non-intent data
  • 84% say intent data leads increase MQL to SAL conversions more than non-intent data leads
  • 62% of marketers who use buying groups saw sales pipeline increases in 2022 compared to only 42% of marketers who do not use buying groups

As marketers start to focus on data and insights to help reach goals and prove results, finding the right partner is a critical step. Ascend2 found that 62% value data accuracy in a partner, while 50% want to see proven results. Anteriad’s Neutronian-certified data offers both quality and proven performance.

“B2B marketers are feeling immense pressure to prove their results. With a data-driven approach, this study shows that marketers see significant performance improvements. Marketers can turn to partners like Anteriad to create an effective data-driven strategy, and gain access to quality insights like intent data. Anteriad helps marketers create a measurably better pipeline to get in front of their next customer faster and hit their goals,” said Lynn Tornabene, CMO at Anteriad.

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