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69% of US consumers are making fewer impulse purchases

Supply chain shortages and the impact of the pandemic on businesses are also driving new consumer behaviors
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Blis, the leading privacy-first, location-powered advertising partner, announces the launch of its new e-guide: “What consumers want: understanding the psychology of the pandemic-changed shopper”. The new playbook helps the industry understand who the pandemic-changed shoppers are now, what they really want out of their retail experiences, how their preferences have adapted, what motivates them and where advertisers can find them in 2022.

The study reveals that the majority (69%) of US consumers are less likely to make impulse purchases than before the pandemic. In fact, shoppers seem to be more financially prudent with almost half of them (43%) classifying themselves as ‘bargain hunters’, a new barrier for brands to bear in mind when trying to drive loyalty this year.

Despite concerns around COVID, 58% of consumers still prefer shopping in-store (down just 3% points since the pandemic). Over half (56%) of them are also more willing to visit a store after seeing an ad served to them in proximity to the location they are shopping.

The new playbook also reveals consumers’ perceptions of their own loyalty habits. While 67% of respondents said their loyalty habits had not changed due to the pandemic or supply chain shortages, shoppers are more willing to support businesses after the pandemic, even if that means waiting longer to receive a product (64%).

Gil Larsen, Managing Director, Blis US comments: “Marketers are constantly facing new challenges in trying to build their relationships with consumers. The pandemic rewrote many of the rules, leaving the industry striving to understand consumers’ preferences and routines. Our new guide highlights the discrepancies between what marketers think they know and what shoppers are really looking for. We’ve also added valuable tips for brand marketers and media agencies to keep in mind this year.”

The e-guide is available for download and aims to help agencies and advertisers get inside the heads of consumers and predict what they’ll want and how best to reach them. The e-guide outlines a range of best tactics to give shoppers what they want. It highlights seven key tips to increase loyalty by understanding consumers’ emotional and logical needs for a more predictable year ahead.

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