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OP Retail works with Roxie Market & Deli

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Roxie Market & Deli, the grocery supplier in Silicon Valley, has recently cooperated with the Chinese retail solution provider OP Retail to maintain their premium service quality during the outbreak of the Omicron variant.

“OP Retail store inspection solution is an important part of our business decision,” says the manager of Roxie Market & Deli. “OP Retail’s solution saves us a lot of time by its standardized, territorial restraint-free solution. The 6 featured inspection modes improve our execution of merchandising programs in different scenarios vastly, creating more awareness and accountability at store level.”

The initial application mainly has the following features:

1. Inspect at anytime and anywhere

OP Retails cloud service allows Roxie Market & Deli’s supervisors to check the store through real-time streaming, which helps them to identify and keep track of the problems before escalating to liabilities.

2. Set the Standard & Never miss any details

Roxie Market & Deli uses the in-app checklist to regulate store shelves display, promotion, employees attires & service, etc. Anything going wrong will be recorded and sent to the store manager for further rectifiable instructions. Voice intercom can also be conducted to guide the process immediately.

3. Close the loop

After the rectification is completed, the store manager will take photos of the completed changes back to the inspector. The problem will be considered as solved only after the inspector confirms they meet the standard, thus forming a closed loop of the entire incident.

“Through our solution, you can easily find out issues and subsequently ensure each optimization has been conducted correctly. For example, shelves display and staff service quality can be viewed and rectified on time, advertisements can be arranged more reasonably,” said Jayson Zhou, CEO of OP Retail. “I am confident that we can help more global brands with our extensive experience.”

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