A.I. Storyboards and Cloud Storage Now Available in IZEA Flex

Flex Users Can Harness the Power of Generative Image Technology, Store and Manage Files for Influencer Campaigns
IZEA Worldwide

IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands, announced today the addition of two new modules – A.I. Storyboards and Files – in IZEA Flex, its next-generation, comprehensive influencer marketing platform that’s value-priced for brands and agencies of all sizes.

A.I. Storyboards and Files join IZEA Flex’s existing slate of tools, including ContentMine, ShareMonitor, Contacts, Transactions and Tracking Links. Combined, these tools help marketers affordably manage and measure influencer marketing campaigns at an enterprise level. The features are immediately available to all Flex users at no additional cost.

The all-new A.I. Storyboards tool uses transformational artificial intelligence technology to let marketers quickly create images to previsualize and share their influencer marketing content ideas in a useful and compelling way. These images are valuable resources for brainstorming and pitching ideas internally and can also provide creative direction to influencers.

In addition, Storyboards generated within the platform are integrated with ContentMine, Flex’s enhanced content management tool that collects and measures influencer content. Storyboard content can be organized into collections and easily shared with other users for collaborative brainstorming.

“A.I. Storyboards will help brands and agencies unlock new levels of creativity while streamlining the process of ideating on campaign content strategy,” said Ted Murphy, IZEA CEO and Founder.  “This feature is just one example of how IZEA Flex continues to provide innovative solutions that enable our clients to succeed in today’s influencer marketing landscape.”

IZEA has also enhanced its Flex platform with the all-new Files module. Files is more than traditional cloud storage; it’s a centralized repository that, through associations, puts more insights and information at the marketer’s fingertips across the platform. Users can now upload various file types — documents, videos, presentations, audio and images — and easily view, download and associate them throughout the Flex platform.

“We are excited to introduce marketers to A.I. Storyboards and Files cloud storage to maximize their impact and drive greater efficiency,” continued Murphy. “These additions empower our users to save time and money with intuitive marketing tools that streamline the campaign creation, management and reporting process.”

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