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A Marketers’ Best Friend

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In observance of Bring Your Dog to Work Day, a holiday we take very seriously here at Triblio, we thought we’d devote today’s post a marketer’s best friend! Who is that you ask? Well, it’s the dedicated customer success manager (CSM) for your ABM solution; it’s the platform you rely on to help you launch a successful account-based marketing campaign; it’s the vendor you can count on to give you insights and tips to help grow your pipeline. Let’s jump in, shall we?

In today’s digital business landscape, the average B2B marketer has a lot to consider when looking at marketing technology tools. With the ever-changing environment and the introduction of new tools every day, you should be looking for account-based marketing (ABM) tools that enable you to meet your marketing goals as efficiently as possible.

Today Todd Quinn, Director of Demand Generation at Barracuda, and I are exploring the relationship between martech vendors and marketers. Check out the video below to see what he has to say about what marketers should look for in martech vendors.

While Todd is the more credible source, as he’s the customer and we’re the vendor, we thought we’d delve into what we think is essential in that marketer to vendor relationship and answer two of the most critical questions B2B marketers should be asking themselves, ‘What should I look for in an ABM vendor?’ and ‘How should vendors be evaluated?’

What Marketers Want from their ABM Vendor

Customers are customers are customers are customers. Whether you are shopping as a customer on Amazon or looking for the services or solutions you need to better run your business, all customers think alike. The modern marketer is also a customer looking to make business operations as effective and efficient as possible for their company. Let’s breakdown what you should be looking for in from ABM platform vendor:

A One-Stop-Shop – How convenient is it to visit Amazon and buy everything you need with a quick search and subsequent “add to cart” button? Just as most of us love the convenience of one-stop-shopping, B2B marketers also like the simplicity of comprehensive services and tools. Are you looking for web personalization, sales activation, and optimizing purchase intent? Then look for an account-based marketing platform that offers features that make performing those tasks easier in one single place. Oftentimes, the integration of disparate marketing channels and sales plays can make or break a campaign. Our client FinancialForce is a great example of how multichannel orchestration saved their direct mail campaign

A Partner in Crime – Marketers want to know that they can totally rely on their martech vendor, in case something hits the fan. Being able to rely on their CSM to offer ideas for campaign improvement or helping fine-tune strategy is beneficial. You don’t want to know that you made a large, important purchase from a company and never hear from them again, right? You should look for a martech vendor that is interested and willing to help you along the way, solving any problems you may encounter and, in general, making your ABM campaigns more successful.

How Should Vendors be Evaluated?

According to, there are over 7,000 marketing technology solutions currently in the landscape. If you’re a modern marketer, I can’t even begin to imagine sorting through that sea of vendors to asses. That’s a lot, which is why evaluation is key. In an attempt to help you through the assessment process, we’re sharing the 4 criteria you should consider when assessing martech solutions.

  1. Functionality: Is the platform checking all the boxes in the features that you need?
  2. Impact: Is the solution helping your company achieve your marketing objectives?
  3. Integration: How well will this platform integrate with other tools within your martech stack?
  4. Investment: How much of your marketing budget is spent on the platform?

With Triblio, our clients are able to have more functionality within the platform to launch and execute campaigns. Whether it’s personalization or alert notifications, Triblio enables them to gain more visibility into their target accounts to better position themselves for success. Additionally, our CSMs are part of the campaign journey with our clients, offering insights and intelligence that enables our clients to become more effective. To speak to an ABM expert and learn how to impact your pipeline by engaging and converting target accounts, click here.

    Ben Fettes | Co-Founder, Director & Head of Strategy, The Lumery’s

    Joanne Mason
    Senior Marketing Specialist at Triblio
    Joanne is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of sponsored conferences and custom events for Triblio along with managing Triblio’s social media activity, as well as assist with the development and distribution of marketing communication.

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