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Activate launches “Lead Accelerate ABM”

Innovative product combines content marketing, analytics and display ads to deliver cohesive, integrated solution
Activate launches "Lead Accelerate ABM"

Activate Marketing Services, a leading B2B marketing services company, has unveiled a new product that promises faster pipeline for its B2B marketing customers by generating leads from their account lists–and then retargeting those potential buyers with high relevance display ads.

Given the push to strategize marketing around key accounts, Activate will serve display impressions to individual leads and others within the company over a specified period of time. Agent3, Activate’s sister company under the Next 15 umbrella, is making the need to accelerate sales leads into a reality for its customers.

“The B2B marketing tech space is hyper-competitive,” says Martha Schwartz, co-founder and president of Activate. “Customers are struggling to stay top-of-mind, and that’s the void Lead Accelerate ABM fills. Once we’ve identified a buyer’s technology pain point, we have the power to remind them of the solution to their IT challenge.”

Activate Lead Accelerate ABM has several key components that make it effective:

  • Premium display ads targeted to responding prospects and their teams
  • Exclusive data aligned to B2B sector, powered by Agent3
  • Reaches only buyers and accounts responding to your Activate demand gen campaign
  • Nurtures users through funnel, based on lead stage/interest
  • Drives response to your site or to deeper-funnel asset

“A comprehensive digital marketing strategy requires targeting prospects with ads that promise solutions to their pain points and problems,” says Ed Grossman, co-founder and CEO of Activate. “Targeting Activate-generated in-market leads that are actively seeking solutions to their technology pain points creates greater propensity to buy.”

With tech marketers looking for #DemandGen solutions that drive pipeline, it is not only key to target the right organizations in an account list, but to also come up with smart strategies that keep solutions top-of-mind for such buyers. By using a mix of content, analytics and now integrated display ads, Activate’s Lead Accelerate ABM delivers a solution that generates continuous pipeline to tech marketers, but at a rate that is faster than before.

Activate Marketing Services ( provides content-powered lead and marketing services for business technology marketers, based on a unique combination of buyer insights, high-performance content, event services and lead-nurture technologies. The company develops detailed buyer personas, creates multi-platform content to engage prospects at every stage of the decision-making process, then nurtures the resulting relationships across live, mobile and online platforms to convert prospects into customers. Founded by a team of high-tech media executives with deep expertise in editorial, marketing and technology, Activate’s formula for high-performance marketing connects messaging, marketing and measurement to deliver bottom-line results.

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