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ADMARES develops a revolutionary asset management platform

digital asset management software

The ADAM Platform™ aims to transform the way buildings work – through IoT, data and a global network of connected smart buildings.

ADMARES aims to radically transform the way buildings work with ADAM Platform™. The platform is a global network of connected smart buildings, aiming to constantly improve the way buildings are designed, managed and operated throughout the whole life-cycle of the building.

ADAM Platform™ combines digital twins with up-to-date data, IoT and intelligent analyses in one digital asset management system that is built into the core of each building.

Building owners, operators and users all can access features specific to their roles in the ADAM Platform™ service, while intelligent solutions work in the background to improve efficiency and optimise building functions.

Collaboration between top-quality partners

Reaktor will play a crucial role in developing ADAM Platform™ with ADMARES’ experts. Reaktor is an international creative technology partner for forward-thinking organizations and societies founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2000.

Together Reaktor and ADMARES will create new digital business models for building owners and operators by offering smart applications and services intended to maximize efficiency and value during the whole lifecycle of the building.

Reaktor’s previous clients include pioneers of digitalization in life sciences, education, retail, media, transportation, finance, and defense, to name a few.

The prestigious list of ADMARES’ partners includes Porsche Consulting, MHP, KUKA Robotics and Reaktor.


ADMARES Group is a global leader in the digital transformation of the construction industry. We are industrializing, digitalizing and productizing the manufacturing of buildings. Our proprietary Smart Building technology allows whole buildings to be mass-produced at a factory by assembly line operators without any need for conventional construction labor.

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