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All you need to know about the Emergence of Chief Marketing Technologists

Transforming marketing in the digital economy gets at intertwining technical and marketing capabilities. But what does it mean for your org chart?
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The role of Chief Marketing Technologist is the perfect blend of digital marketing and technology. Businesses keep dreading the silos between sales and marketing, but in the digital age, the silos between marketing and IT are just as relevant.

Marketing is increasingly becoming a tech-dependent and tech-oriented domain. The transformation calls for a professional who has both marketing finesse and tech-savviness. 

Digital is one of the most significant investments a brand makes in today’s world, but what’s the point if marketing is not realizing its full potential? Let’s learn how CMTs are bridging the crucial gap!

The Holistic Approach

Marketing has gracefully moved on from one-sided communication to delivering experiences the customers and other stakeholders love. There’s so much more marketing can do with tech’s corroboration.

With the inundation of data and a plethora of tools and systems, digital marketing is not leveraging all that technology has to offer in today’s fast-paced environment.

Moreover, the tech department doesn’t completely comprehend how marketing employs technology and which tools use the info and to what extent. When marketing and tech come together, they can translate these activities into higher revenue and create more value.

The Marketing Data

The explosive amount of data a business creates on a day-to-day basis is difficult for marketing to make sense of on its own. Marketers interact with and engage their audience using various software. With a tech expert coming into the picture, marketing capabilities function at a grander level, and the decision-making gets faster and more efficient. Marketing automation is all set to get sophisticated, leaving no room for scattered and unorganized data. With all the data in one place, it’d be much easier for marketing to garner the attention of the right prospects and convert more.

“It’s time to reimagine marketing from a technological standpoint.”

Marketing in sync with tech can have a tremendous yet measurable impact on the bottom line and enhance operational efficiency with ease. The marketing strategy needs to be cohesive to be top-notch.

The CMT will help the marketing team achieve data standardization. And that’s how the marketing will figure what’s working well for them, the areas they need to improve, which campaigns deserve more budget, and eventually create more accurate forecasts.

The Role

The Chief Marketing Technologist would be a professional with professional experience in tech, fostering a passion for marketing. They would empower digital marketing with powerful insights that will help the brand connect with its audience in a way that wasn’t possible before- with creativity and enhanced technical capabilities.

The CMT would be well-versed with strategy and tech, but also love to dabble in creativity. The question here should be what does marketing need and can tech facilitate that?

Marketers can accelerate demand and conversion with the right tech stack, the Chief Marketing Technologist will help them do just that! He or she will help select and orchestrate the right tech, perform audits, and bridge the most pressing gaps.

The Final Word

The role of the chief marketing technologist isn’t a nice-to-have but an indispensable requirement in the digital age. The ways we reach out to and engage our target market have changed substantially in the last few years and so it needs a shift in the roles, responsibilities, and leadership in marketing as well.

The time to integrate IT and marketing is not in the future; it’s now!

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