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Adsonica and ResponsiveAds bring audio to fully-fluid display ads

Adsonica, a leading sound display advertisement company announced partnership with ResponsiveAds
sound display advertisement software

Adsonica the leading sound display advertisement software platform announced today that it has formed a partnership to integrate its patented technology into industry-leading creative design and management software from ResponsiveAds.

Adsonica is the first and only display ad unit in the world that combines image and sound in a single, secure file to deliver engaging, high-performing ads and sonic branding without coding or managing numerous files. Advertisers and publishers can now leverage Adsonica’s patented technology to bring sound to the vast reach and affordable cost of the display ad networks. Combined with ResponsiveAds Narrator Studio, designers have the ability to produce Fully-Fluid ad banners with up to 15 seconds of audio in minutes, without the cost and complexity of rich media or video.

In a recent research study conducted by Adsonica, 69% of respondents preferred the experience of listening to the sound display ad compared to watching a video ad of comparable content and length.

Matthew Snyder, chief executive officer of ResponsiveAds said that “When we first discovered Adsonica, we were ‘blown away’ by the scalable opportunity to easily combine a short sound clip together with a Responsive HTML5 ad creative into a lightweight IAB-compliant file.  We wanted to integrate it immediately as a component in our design tool kit so that creators and brands from around the world can bring sound to their premium ad experiences on mobile, tablet and desktop. As rich media is just 10% of the $33 Billion advertising display market we’re on the lookout for partnerships that can bring more value to end-users and eradicate the bad ad phenomenon that has plagued the industry for years.”

ResponsiveAds will become Adsonica’s preferred creative design solution, and Adsonica will join ResponsiveAds growing list of industry partners.

Chief executive officer and founder of Adsonica, William Agush said that “I’m thrilled to be working alongside ResponsiveAds. No one knows more about fluid design technology than ResponsiveAds does. We look forward to demonstrating the integration of our Adsonica Studio sound ad builder with their design platform at MarTech East in Boston in September.”

Adsonica, a Shuttersong company, is a notable new sound display advertisement creation platform that permits marketers to combine traditional display advertising with the storytelling intensity of sound. With no coding, multiple file management, and no third-party audio players, the company’s patented technology offers a better experience for both advertisers and consumers and can increase ad performance by up to 300%.

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