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Adsterra is expanding its presence in Brazil


Global advertising and CPA network Adsterra is expanding its footprint in Latin American countries, particularly Brazil.

The company has been on the market for 10 years, and during this time, it has acquired a huge number of clients from the LATAM region and Brazil.

On average, Adsterra’s monthly traffic volumes in LATAM reach 4 billion impressions, while Brazil accounts for approximately 1.5 billion monthly impressions.

Adsterra became a partner in two leading affiliate marketing conferences in Brazil and hired local managers as part of its regional expansion. In May and June 2023, Adsterra participated in two huge LATAM events: Afiliados Brasil 2023 (May 25-27) and SiGMA Americas 2023 (June 15-17).

The company not only participated in the exhibitions but also publicly presented the capabilities of its platform for Brazilian publishers and affiliate managers through speeches at both conferences.

The speakers included Tarcio Santos, Adsterra’s Marketing Lead in Brazil, and Mikhail Zhukov, Head of CPM Department (Advertisers).

“Adsterra offers its clients from Brazil a vast amount of direct clean traffic from all over the world, which demonstrates high conversion rates for traditionally popular verticals in Brazil, such as I-gaming, eCommerce, Software & Utilities, Apps, eSports, Finance, and others. Additionally, Adsterra’s flagship advertising format, Social Bar, allows the creation of ad teasers, banners, and video teasers for any of the mentioned verticals (even without the assistance of a manager),” explained Mikhail Zhukov, Head of CPM Department (Advertisers).

For the convenience of clients from Brazil, Adsterra has a user-friendly automated onboarding tour through the personal account. Additionally, the company regularly publishes useful articles and materials in Portuguese on its blog and social media channels.

The company intends to continue expanding its presence in the Brazilian region while improving its product to provide greater convenience and efficiency for Brazilian clients.

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