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Dan Jaffe & Carla Michelotti honored with ‘DAA Privacy Icon’ Awards

Jaffe and Michelotti Recognized for Career-Long Leadership in Promoting Advertising Self-Regulation & Consumer Privacy
Dan Jaffe

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) today announced former ANA Government Relations EVP Dan Jaffe and former Chief Legal, Government & Corporate Affairs Officer of Leo Burnett Worldwide Carla Michelotti will be the recipients of the second annual “DAA Privacy Icon” awards. The awards honor Jaffe and Michelotti for their career-long leadership in helping the advertising industry build effective self-regulatory programs and create robust standards for responsible data use.

“There are few individuals in the modern history of advertising who have had a greater impact on the growth and success of our industry’s self-regulatory and privacy programs than Carla and Dan,” said Lou Mastria, CIPP/US, CEO of the DAA. “From the executive offices of top agencies to the halls of Congress and the leadership bodies of our industry’s trade organizations, Carla and Dan have been tireless advocates for the benefits of responsible advertising and the proactive standards that our industry should set for itself. We are pleased to recognize Carla and Dan and extend the deepest gratitude of the DAA for their efforts.”

“It’s a genuine honor to accept this award from the DAA, an organization whose history and mission played an important role in my own career,” said Jaffe. “The ANA was one of the founding organizations for the DAA, and the DAA and ANA worked closely together for more than a decade to build, promote, and extend the DAA’s self-regulatory program across the digital advertising industry. As Congress and state legislatures look to design appropriate regulatory safeguards for consumer privacy, I hope they will continue to look to successful self-regulatory models like the DAA to support and complement those efforts.”

“I am so proud to be recognized by the growing, exciting, and yet evolving digital industry,” said Michelotti. “The DAA represents the best of the industry, effectively advocating for integrity and industry self-regulation. The DAA has worked effectively to anticipate issues precipitated by technology. I applaud its work and those brands and companies that support DAA’s efforts to advance responsible marketing. Digital advertising has given me wonderful lifetime career memories, I am greatly humbled and honored to be receiving this highest honor from the DAA. ”

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