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Adstream launches new project to help solve global ad and marketing inefficiencies

Announces Autonomous AI-Powered Marketing Assistants in the Cloud
Adstream launches new project to help solve global ad and marketing inefficiencies

Adstream, the leading global provider of digital asset management, creative logistics and analytics solutions, today announces that it is launching a new project that aims to reduce an estimated $80 billion of inefficiencies in the advertising and marketing industries. These inefficiencies are caused by the current labour intensive, highly-manual ad campaign workflows of TV, online, radio, cinema, outdoor and print.

To help marketers manoeuvre through the world of advertising, Adstream’s new project will hand workflows and their day-to-day management entirely over to autonomous AI-powered marketing assistants running in the cloud. This stands in contrast to the traditional SaaS approach of adding more products, UI/UX, and cross-platform integrations.

“Adstream is tackling a mounting challenge that faces our entire industry,” said Anthony Groves, Global Commercial Director, of Dentsu Aegis Network. “Brands are fighting ever harder to balance growth with effective cost management as the digital economy disrupts their business around the globe.  Adstream allows brands to solve for this challenge at scale which is an exciting prospect.”

Adstream will help free up time and focus of marketing professionals and teams for what really matters: strategy and creativity. The rest of the heavy lifting will be done by Adstream’s AI assistants. The company’s autonomous marketing assistants will be made available on web, mobile, email and voice platforms in H2 2020.

Adstream’s digital asset management and campaign fulfilment platform will be at the heart of the new project. The platform processes over 17 million unique activities every week for thousands of brands, agencies and content creators. The platform has grown significantly this year to cover not just thousands of television, VOD, print, out of home and radio channels but also thousands of online destinations as well. Fulfilment covers the ideation, collaboration, curation, quality control and delivery of advertising and content campaigns around the world.

“Tackling such a significant global challenge that affects brands, agencies and content creators everyday meant looking at solving them with a different approach,” said Daniel Mark, Chief Executive Officer, Adstream. “We believe we have found that approach. We certainly hope that we reach a point in the next few years, where every marketing manager will have an autonomous assistant that specialises in the science, if not the art, of their specific brands, markets and clients’ marketing needs.”

To achieve this Adstream has entered into a strategic partnership with Admo, a Paris based pioneer in cross medium performance measurement. In addition, Adstream has engaged with, a Cambridge, UK based company, whose AI-powered decision engine brings together powerful algorithms from multiple disciplines to enable enterprises to make better decisions.’s performance measurement solution allows Adstream to optimise against a uniform set of ROI indicators across mediums – whether with TV or online.’s decision engine can enable Adstream AI assistants to make high-quality decisions with small training datasets so as to keep up with the dynamic nature of the advertising and marketing industry.

“We are excited about the prospect of working with Adstream. Our patented technology, combining branches of mathematics, engineering and economic theory, can enable marketers to improve efficiencies in multiple areas including AdTech logistics, channel utilisation, and asset management,” said Vishal Chatrath, CEO & co-founder of

Adstream notes that brands, agencies and content creators who either start now or are current users of its multi-channel platform will be faster to migrate to its autonomous marketing assistants when they become available next year.’s performance monitoring solution is already fully integrated with the Adstream platform, an added advantage to current customers.

“The global advertising landscape has become very complex and the brands are now facing two big challenges: optimizing their media efficiency and doing so without multiplying the complexity of their day to day tasks and processes. As is helping global brands measure and optimize their TV efficiency across all mediums, it was natural for us to partner with Adstream on this ambitious AI powered project,” said Pierre Figeat, Chief Executive Officer,

“The more you use our platform today, the better ‘qualified’ the assistants will be tomorrow for your specific business and workflow types and will hit the ground running,” concluded Daniel Mark.

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