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Adtech Leader MediaMath Continues to Deliver on SOURCE Promise

Scorecard empowers advertisers to make better-informed decisions about their supply path
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MediaMath, acclaimed independent advertising technology company for brands and agencies, continues to deliver upon the SOURCE vision to co-create an accountable, aligned, addressable ecosystem with its industry partners. The company today announced the launch of the SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard, which provides a roadmap to drive the industry toward continued efficiency and effectiveness.

“With SOURCE, we set out to address some of the biggest issues facing the industry – to create an environment that is accountable and addressable, and to align the interests of brands, agencies, publishers and technology providers,” said MediaMath founder and CEO Joe Zawadzki. “The SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard continues to make good on that promise and is truly a Holy Grail for the industry – a configurable setting that provides brands and agencies with unparalleled transparency and control, giving them confidence to direct their investments based on their express priorities across all digital channels.”

The SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard, now available globally, is designed to provide unique clarity into the ecosystem supply partners that provide the most value to advertisers, ultimately empowering advertisers to make better-informed decisions about their supply path. It also acts as a technology roadmap for the betterment of both DSPs and SSPs.

Via the SOURCE Scorecard, all SOURCE suppliers are evaluated based on nine data signals, weighted equally, which directly lead to increased buyer value. Suppliers are provided a monthly-updated score up to 10 points and are evaluated based on the following signals:

  • Three accountability signals ensure that buyers know how inventory is acquired, who’s involved along the way, and what fees are incurred at each step. The benefit is a more efficient path from impression to brand impact and sales, with confidence in the data that goes in and trust in the results that come out.
  • Three addressability signals ensure inventory quality and help drive more scale as third-party cookies fall out of use. Examples of these signals include Common IDs like LiveRamp IDL and Merkle ID cross-device signals such as IP address and CTV device IDs, and quality signals like pre-bid IVT filtering. With higher match rates and highest quality traffic comes better performance with cleaner attribution.
  • Three alignment signals help coordinate actions between the DSP and SSPs that are mutually beneficial to buyers and sellers. These include supporting Bid Feedback data, billing impressions on ad-render, and supporting MediaMath’s Brain Sync algorithmic data sharing. Technologies and incentives that are designed to collaborate as opposed to compete create incremental value for participants, reinvested to create more scale and simplicity in pursuit of shared goals.

The SOURCE Scorecard is the latest innovation from MediaMath, as the company focuses on supporting a curated ecosystem. MediaMath was the first to market with supply path optimization, is the only DSP that takes a robust approach to active supply chain management and stands committed to building a 100% accountable, addressable and aligned supply chain by the end of 2020. As the company continues to deliver on its mission, MediaMath was pleased to be recently named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech for the third year in a row. The report highlights MediaMath’s strong focus on Inventory Quality.

“When we first announced SOURCE one year ago, we had a bold vision for the industry – a fully accountable and addressable digital media supply chain with end-to-end transparency,” said Jeremy Steinberg, Global Head of Ecosystem, MediaMath. “Over the last 12 months, we’ve demonstrated our philosophy for what programmatic supply chains should be, and partnered with like-minded industry leaders to make this idea a reality. We provide the ideal foundation for the industry to advance, with unmatched transparency throughout the supply chain, full accountability and addressability for a post-third-party cookie world, and mutual benefit and alignment between brands and publishers. The SOURCE Scorecard is the latest evolution in this journey.”

“The buy-side deserves an independent, transparent and efficient path to audiences across every channel and format. That’s why we were the first sell-side platform to join SOURCE last year,” said Adam Soroca, Head of Global Buyer Team at Magnite. “Now, the launch of the SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard is pushing the industry forward toward a brighter future, enabling an accountable, addressable and scalable digital supply chain.”

“At Jounce Media, we are committed to turning supply chain insights into a trading advantage,” said Chris Kane, Founder and President of Jounce Media. “The SOURCE ecosystem paired with MediaMath’s path-level bidding controls gives our clients the tools to activate precise supply strategies that are tuned for their unique marketing goals.”

“PubMatic always seeks to drive transparency, control and results for advertisers and publishers,” said Kyle Dozeman, Chief Revenue Officer, Americas, at PubMatic. “Brands and publishers are seeking bi-directional transparency to foster closer and more effective relationships, and we are glad to partner with MediaMath to validate our strategy and industry leadership through the SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard. This is a great initiative to create a more aligned, optimized supply chain that benefits the entire ecosystem.”

“As a global media agency, we’re always looking for the best route to valuable supply and help our clients fulfill their marketing goals,” said Kevin Donker, Product Lead Programmatic for OMD. “Like MediaMath, OMD believes in a fully accountable supply chain, therefore we’re constantly vetting our partners by a number of criteria so to prevent any opaque practices down the line. The SOURCE Ecosystem Scorecard provides valuable insights and therefore helps us to maximize working media for our clients and ensure a greater return on their investments.”

“In today’s evolving advertising landscape, it’s critical for exchanges to align publishers with quality brands that need premium inventory and brand-safe content for their ads,” said Will Doherty, Chief of Marketplace Development at Index Exchange. “As a longtime SOURCE partner, we applaud all efforts that push for a cleaner and more transparent supply chain. We believe our fully transparent exchange technology will help the industry’s stakeholders continue to maximize their advertising efforts with the alignment of premium inventory and demand.”

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