Adverank, LLC Releases Digital Ad Mgt to Self-Storage Industry


Adverank, LLC has developed software to maximize pay per click (PPC) advertising in the self-storage industry based on daily occupancy results and targets. The joint venture was funded with seed capital investment by AVAD Capital, a commercial real estate investor with founding roots in the self-storage industry. Adverank’s AdTech executives have experience providing advertising and marketing services to the self-storage industry for the past five years.

The cloud-based software analyzes operators’ PPC spending across multiple locations within a portfolio and makes daily PPC recommendations via its mobile-enabled dashboard to impact occupancy by individual location, geographic region, or portfolio wide. Customers also have access to social media advertising services provided by Adverank.

“Adverank was born from internal software developed to serve our customers in the self-storage industry,” CEO Jason Zickler stated. “Our goal was to help our customers increase occupancy by customizing their PPC spending daily, if necessary. By utilizing point of sale data, we collect nearly real-time information, and our software provides recommendations based on PPC results. We have successfully increased occupancy and value for our clients, while reducing wasteful PPC spending.”

While using Adverank services, AVAD Capital founders were able to triple the size of their portfolio of storage properties to over 110 locations and optimize operational performance before successfully divesting most of the portfolio to a publicly traded self-storage REIT.

The software product was developed after nearly two years of internal use to successfully assess Google pay-per-click and social media advertising results for clients, by location and occupancy goal. Dramatic results were achieved through the development of proprietary algorithms, which will now be enhanced with a consumer-facing software platform.

Adverank has already served over 60 million ads on behalf of more than 125 facilities, approaching 10 million rentable square feet and more than 50,000 units. Visit www.Adverank.com to learn more.

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