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AI in need for Rebranding?

AI rebranding

Jaywing Intelligence recently held a research into the Twitter conversations about AI, digging into the newly formed notion of “Robots stealing our jobs”. The concluding results were however very different as the data scientists were mainly concerned about the techniques used by AI other than the fake news cultivated by media about AI stealing our jobs. The main question which still sticks around is if AI really is just having a bad reputation or does it seriously need a rebrand? Social Media Marketing

Need for Rebranding AI?

As the media and commentators facilitate more to “link-bait” and “click-bait” headline conclusions making AI the demon, however, the reality is far from AI taking over the world. Its high time that we start caring more about how beneficial AI is and ways and methods to continuously improve it instead of sending out false hype about how it can destroy human employment and resource usefulness.

Speeding up the process:

A myth surrounding the entire marketing and advertising corporate arena is that AI is in use only among the STEM technology firms along with sciences. Marketers and Advertisers fail to even consider AI as a mode of automation and benefit for them. In reality, its benefits remit much beyond the field of just technological innovations. Jaywing Intelligence’s own research found that half the marketers do not have even the basic knowledge of AI. As we have already seen in the past that marketers who do not use PESTLE analysis lag behind in the game. In order to keep your marketing job safe with you, you have to make sure that you are actually good at it. You need to check that you do not get stuck up in your legacy technology bottleneck while your other AI centric competitors swoon away all your customers from right under your nose.

AI as Prophecy:

In conclusion, AI is far from needing any rebranding.  AI  has to get in the good books and that is possible only If the marketers and advertisers venture more about AI and decide to bring its reputation back. But that will happen only when you as a marketer decide to take practical steps other than just theoretically striving for AI.

AI should be embraced by the marketers with an open mindset, and those who already have the basic knowledge of AI should make a calculated gesture by explaining how it helps in improving the costs, productivity, and product enhancement. Added importance should be stressed in explaining that the level and limit of automation is up to us and not the machine. This is will help in removing all the irrational fears. All in all the future of marketing and advertising is as much creative as automated, but for that, we need to embrace AI with open minds instead of refraining from it.


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