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Airmeet Launches “Event Experience Cloud”

  • The “Event Experience Cloud” (EXC) unveils four innovative products to create event experiences that connect people and grow revenue
  • Only platform to offer unlimited event hosting of any size, purpose-built around attendees for powerful connection and engagement
  • Current customers see as much as 2x event attendance rate and 600% increase in sales conversions

Airmeet, the number one virtual and hybrid event platform, today released their new Event Experience Cloud (EXC). The EXC includes four all-new products — AirStudio, AX360, AirControl, and AirIntel — a much-needed solution for the stagnant event landscape. Each product is designed to help B2B marketers, Event Marketing leaders, and HR leaders, host the kind of event experiences everyone deserves.

The EXC reimagines the virtual and hybrid event experience, reduces friction for attendees, and increases opportunities for event organizers. Airmeet’s Event-Led Growth philosophy offers event organizers the option to host unlimited events of any size and pay only for what actually matters — the number of people who attend.

The four new products are intentionally positioned to curate event experiences across the customer journey that drive engagement, increase brand reach, grow revenue, and increase customer loyalty.

“With Airmeet, we’re able to create and host engaging and stunning event experiences that our customers love. As a result, our events see nearly 2x the attendance rate compared to the industry average, and that’s helped contribute a 600% increase in sales conversions,” said Darryl Praill, CMO of Agorapulse, one of Airmeet’s longest customers and Event-led Growth pioneers. “Crafting memorable customer experiences is everything at Agorapulse.”

Expectations around the virtual event industry have changed. According to Forrester research, 82% of event leaders plan to host more or the same number of events as last year (Source: Forrester Consulting on behalf of Airmeet, August 2022) and 92% of B2B buyers prefer virtual sales interactions (Source: Bain and Company).

The global pandemic accelerated the necessity to transform how businesses both connect with customers in a more “human way” and still impact key business objectives. It is why Airmeet is the only platform to offer unlimited event hosting of any size – solidifying the importance of an attendee-first, purpose-built mission.

“Our purpose-built philosophy shows in every facet of the new Event Experience Cloud. We know hybrid selling and remote work are our world’s ‘new normal.’ Our customers’ have told us they crave personalized, human experiences, exactly what EXC delivers. Brands that use Airmeet will win now and in the future,” said Lalit Mangal, CEO of Airmeet.

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