All the Internet unveiled its new homepage and meta-search engine

'Why Only Search Some of the Internet - When You Can Search All the Internet?'
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All the Internet officially unveiled its new homepage and meta-search engine. All the Internet is a US based and operated search engine that offers a private, customizable alternative to Google and Bing, whose data collection and monopolistic behavior have gotten them into trouble recently. Serving as a search aggregator, All the Internet provides results from multiple search engines, rather than just one, providing a wider, more thorough search with better results.

As a homepage, All the Internet offers their users a single-destination access to email, news, videos, favorite links and much more. The customizable front page offers the user options which make searching or browsing more intuitive. A search for a specific page, does not send users through pages of ads, but rather brings them directly to that page saving the user time.

All the Internet: A One-Stop Destination for Online Searches.

“I’m so excited for web users to experience our new meta-search engine,” said Chad Castorina, Co-Founder of All the Internet. “We have been in the development phase, testing and adjusting the All the Internet homepage and search engine, and based on user input, we are thrilled with what we have created. We offer access, through our front page, to features and options that other search engines are missing, while maintaining a clean, uncluttered page. We do not bombard our users with flashing ads. We are much more than just a search engine, we are truly a home page.”

When asked about the difference between using a meta-search engine like All the Internet, as opposed to a single search engine like Google or Bing, Castorina said:

“The bottom line for search engines right now is data, advertising, and access to you. When someone uses a single search engine like Google or Bing, their information is being delivered to the search engine, and to their advertisers. This information is then used by the advertisers to sell a product or service, and by the search engine, themselves, to determine what search results the user should receive. Most people know that this is happening and, to some degree, the practice has even improved online searching, making it more individualized. The issue lies in the loss of privacy, lack of oversight, and lack of limitations as to what these huge corporations can do with user information. They also prioritize those search results based on their own subsidiaries.  Not only is privacy an issue, but it has become a huge strain on small businesses and their ability to advertise on these search engines, and is the reason many of these big tech companies have found themselves under Congressional investigation.  Some of these tech companies have been the subject of articles about these practices.

At Alltheinternet, we do not use these practices. We believe that the Internet should be available to all without worrying that your information is being collected or sold. We believe that search results should be based on relevance without the edging out of small business in favor of corporate subsidiaries. We believe the search results should not be biased. Our goal is simply to provide our users with the most streamlined, private, user-friendly search experience we can deliver. We believe search engine users should be treated better and that they should have a better way to search the Internet.”

Created by developers with a heart, Alltheinternet also works hard to fund important charities during this time of national crisis, dedicating homepage space to the largest and most trusted charities. (

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