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All You Need to Know About AdTech and why you need it

AdTech is the future of digital advertising and should be a core component of your marketing strategy. But is it all about data and metrics now?
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AdTech is the future of digital advertising and should be a core component of your marketing strategy. But is it all about data and metrics now?

MarTech and AdTech are two buzzwords you hear a lot in this industry. But, these technologies are driving a change and revolutionizing how businesses market to their target audience. The point to take note of here is that the increased focus on creating a seamless digital experience is causing these two technologies to interweave.

AdTech, the abbreviation for advertising technology, aims at creating more delightful and relevant experiences for your customers on digital platforms. It also ties advertising efforts back to revenue. Here’s all you need to know-

1. Optimization
AdTech helps you measure digital marketing efforts, allowing you to optimize your marketing spend and maximize ROI. With AdTech tools such as DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms), brands get to message their prospects and customers via different channels but all in one place. This unification brings about a holistic picture of marketing communications.

Marketers use DSPs in concert with SSPs (Supple-Side Platforms) to strategically place ads on digital platforms of their choice. The goals brands achieve with programmatic advertising are unique. A publication may focus on driving subscriptions while an e-commerce brand’s goals may be to create awareness for the brick and mortar store in its local area.


Advertising campaigns need analysis more than ever. AdTech serves a key role in designing as well as evaluating campaigns. AdTech tools unify all channels into one, saving both time and effort.

It streamlines all the processes, making analysis less cumbersome and more insightful. It’s not only about getting impressions but understanding if the money you’re putting in is worth it. With this analysis, you also gauge what works better and can tweak your strategies to suit that customer segment better. Adtech helps eliminate marketing data silos and create an integrated view of the campaigns. Businesses that merge MarTech and Adtech get a comprehensive understanding of their customer.

3.Business Outcomes
AdTech gives you real-time data to create personalized experiences for your customers- how they prefer it, using the channels they like. It grabs their attention and boosts satisfaction. The AdTech industry is booming because it makes the interactions seem so natural; it doesn’t feel like advertising. In turn, your audience can’t tune it out the way they usually do. AdTech and MarTech are here to make each touchpoint matter. Brands that become customer-centric are the ones to lead the current marketing & advertising landscape. AdTech brings the much-needed agility and streamlining in today’s fast-paced economy. The data is collected, shared, and made sense of in minutes. That’s flexibility with intelligence!


AdTech and MarTech are here to make your efforts scalable, and without a shred of doubt, they are creating the future of how brands engage with their customers. If marketers want to make the most of their advertising budget, they need to invest in AdTech. It helps brands create a deeper impact and deliver with more efficiency.
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