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Allua Tech: 2021 Digital Marketing Trends

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Hong Kong based digital marketing agency, Allua Tech has researched on the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape, Chris Lai, Business Director of Allua Tech, summarized the findings into: the Top 3 Recommendations on Digital Marketing to Embrace in 2021.

Recommendation 1 – Utilize the latest AI technology on digital marketing

Allua’s adoption of AI backed programmatic ad buying has fueled a 250% increase in ROI in 2020. “The advantage of using AI in digital marketing will be increasingly prominent in 2021, highly competitive industries like consumer goods, beauty and finance in particular”. So it would be a clear advantage to work with an agency with AI marketing know how. For those who do not have access to sophisticated AI marketing technology, introducing automation tools into your current strategies in most ad platforms like Google and Facebook will also be able to enhance the result significantly.

Recommendation 2 – Making higher investment in Video Marketing

The thriving 5G network has shined the spotlight on sharing of high quality videos. “Allua predicts the ad spending on video digital marketing will grow 20-30% in 2021. We have seen a sharp growth in video marketing as everyone goes online during the pandemic, I believe the trend will persist in 2021”, Chris said.

Recommendation 3 – Focus on online PR

Brands will focus on securing their exposure in reputable online media in 2021, as the public is getting more cautious about the source of information. Chris recommends marketers to distribute key information and endorsements with the help of extensive online PR networks. Not only will their brand reputation and online presence be reinforced, it enhances the SEO ranking on platforms like Google & Yahoo too. “It’s probably one of the best digital marketing investments you can make in 2021”.

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