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Amazon Sponsored Ads Company PPC Entourage:Playbook series Launch

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PPC Entourage is an Amazon Sponsored Ads company that efficiently optimizes and expands Amazon sponsored product campaigns to increase sales and profits so online sellers can focus on growing their Amazon business. The company is pleased to inform sellers that it is offering its popular Amazon AdsPlaybook Series for free on its website.

“Our company goal is to help online sellers build powerful brands and then turn those powerful brands into household names,” says company founder, Mike Zagare. A serial entrepreneur himself, Zagare has an unquenchable thirst for all things Amazon and a passion for sharing that knowledge with other sellers to help them take steps towards personal and financial freedom. This passion naturally led to the creation of the Amazon Ads Playbook, a guide designed to simplify the entire process of creating successful Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands (including Sponsored Brands + video) and Sponsored Display campaigns.

The Amazon Ads Playbook Series is a downloadable PDF containing 28 done-for-you Amazon advertising campaigns, including step-by-step video instructions for every campaign, personally guided by Zagare.

The company outlines the content found within the Playbook as follows:

  • Learn the time-tested marketing concept of the “Customer Buying Cycle.”
  • Learn which Amazon campaigns can be used with the “CBC” to market like a major global brand, even when on a budget.
  • Learn why each campaign matters.
  • Learn how to set up each campaign.
  • Learn when to set up each campaign.

Designed to be easily accessible to sellers at every level, even those sellers new to Amazon advertising, all the campaigns discussed can be used as long as sellers are enrolled in the Brand Registry. Each campaign is described in its own section, in full detail with a corresponding video link that will walk sellers through each campaign strategy.

Zagare points out that the playbook can be used in multiple ways and will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Where the product or brand is at in its evolution: Launch campaigns for new products, remarketing campaigns for well-established brands, building a bigger and more profitable brand.
  • What kinds of gaps exist in the seller’s current advertising: If a seller is missing customers at certain stages of the Customer Buying Cycle, use the Playbook Series to fill in the missing pieces of the advertising strategy.
  • Budget: The Playbook is designed to help seller’s market like a mega-brand, even on a budget.

For those who may not be well acquainted with the term “Customer Buying Cycle” Zagare explains, “It is a time-tested marketing principle that breaks down the psychology of every step a shopper takes in their journey towards making a purchase. The Customer Buying Cycle has been proven, time and again, to be an effective way to design a marketing strategy — especially for e-commerce shoppers like Amazon customers.”

Zagare is very confident that the Playbook will provide advertising success to Amazon sellers. “If, for some reason, implementing the Playbook Series doesn’t give you a clear roadmap for successful Amazon ads, we’ll even schedule a free strategy call with you to figure out why,” he states.

To learn additional information about PPC Entourage and the many products and services, please visit the official company website at https://ppcentourage.com.

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