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Urban IQ Focuses On “Advertising With a Purpose”

A Social Responsibility First For the Out of Home Advertising Industry
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Urban IQ, a leading independent Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) technology company announced today “Advertising with a Purpose.” A new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focus that will drive significant support to cause related issues and charities.  Urban IQ will also update their corporate tagline to reflect this new organizational mantra.

For every campaign that runs on the Urban IQ platform, advertisers can designate up to 2% of the media buy as a cash contribution or free advertising for the charity of their choice. Urban IQ will then make a matching donation. Additionally, Out of Home media owners publishing the campaigns will be challenged to provide a matching donation, furthering the impact for these causes.

In addition to matching donations, Urban IQ will also provide all qualified non-profits, such as 501(c)(3)s, a 70% reduction in fees when using their platform to buy advertising.  Urban IQ’s publisher network now includes more than 100,000 screens in premiere locations such as Times Square, Hollywood Boulevard, and the Las Vegas strip, along with roadside billboards, shopping malls, restaurants, and other highly trafficked destinations throughout the US and Canada.

“As Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on people across the globe, it made us think: “why can’t Urban IQ accelerate efforts to help at risk communities via brands that market to these very same people?”, said Jim Schiekofer, Chief Revenue Officer.  “Our goal is to make this transformative, helping the truly deserving causes where the greatest impact can be made,” Schiekofer continued.  Urban IQ will select causes that directly improve the lives of societies most vulnerable populations and then choose charities whose mission is similarly aligned. Using Charity Navigator, Urban IQ will verify that these organizations meet the highest standards in financial well being, accountability and transparency. The first designated recipients are Save the Children, Feeding America and Doctors Without Borders.

“We are proud to be the first in the industry to roll this out,” said Brion Roberto, Chief Executive Officer.  “More than a one time program, we are showing our long term commitment, by changing our corporate tagline and how we evaluate our company’s performance using ethical, corporate responsibility standards.”  Fitting with Urban IQ’s brand of transparency as an advertising platform, all “Advertising with a Purpose” media and cash donations will be 3rd party audited.

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