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A roundup of Emerge Martech Summit 2020 by Clevertap

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Clavent had recently organized the Emerge 2020 Martech Summit powered by ClaverTap, on 5th and 6th September 2020. Considering COVID-19 Pandemic, the new norm was adapted to organize this event. Emerge 2020 Martech Summit went virtual in 2020, and Martech Cube was amongst the proud media partners of the event. The virtual conference facilitated a digital networking platform that allowed unrivaled real-time interaction and seamless networking experience with speakers, exhibitors, and delegates.

Emerge discussed things beyond the tried and tested best practices which were not enough to be effective at capturing a market share the way they once were. The conference covered 4 major themes, Content & SEO, AdTech, User Analytics & Retention, Affiliates/Media Buying. Clavent secured an outstanding lineup of talented influencers and thought leaders. Emerge covered new tools, tactics, technologies, and applications for Marketing and advertising which will be needed in entering the digital arena in this post COVID world.

The conference discussed the trending topics such as making the most out of micro-influencers, why conversation media can be a big opportunity in brand marketing, etc.

Key Takeaways

  •         Retention – The New Lever to Growth by Francisco Vieira Mendes

Francisco focused on why retention has turned out to be one of the most important factors in the growth of a company. It reduces the cost and efforts invested for customer acquisition, improves customer experience, and also helps in spreading good word-of-mouth towards a brand.

  •         Leveraging Micro-influencer by Nishant Bharadwaj

Micro-influencers have become an important method of marketing in recent times as it engages with the audience and focuses on customers throughout their customer journey. Nishant Bharadwaj puts more light on the ways to leverage micro-influencers.

  •         Speaking to the Subconscious of Customers to Enhance Brand Affinity by Penny Soo

Penny Soo talked about enhancing brand affinity in a way that it hits the soft-spot of the customer for conversion, hence improving ROI.

  •         Conversation Media – Next Big Opportunity in Brand Marketing by Anika Tanwar

Anika Tanwar discussed how conversation media is emerging as the next big opportunity in brand marketing.

  •         Demand Generation through Content Experiences by Kapil Thukral

Kapil Thukral speaks about amplifying the need for enhanced and deeper content experiences in order to generate value-driven demand.


The event not only made sure to cover the definitive aspects of emerging Martech but also the key trends that define the emergence of Martech in the upcoming years. It also lightly touched the base of several inside tips and tricks about enhancing your existing business model.  

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