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Ambition Launches Metric Snapshots to Personalize Sales Coaching

New functionality delivers real intelligence and rich context to sales leaders to maximize the outcome of their coaching
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Ambition, the leader in sales gamification and coaching software, today announced new functionality for sales teams through the launch of Metric Snapshots. Metric Snapshots allows sales leaders to dynamically populate CRM records and data into ad hoc or scheduled one-on-one check-ins or pipeline reviews for a more data-driven approach to coaching.

Sales leaders are facing evolving challenges such as maximizing employee performance with feedback and accountability while managing a distributed workforce. Unfortunately, preparing for data-driven coaching sessions and check-in meetings with reps to maintain this accountability and deliver helpful feedback is extremely time-consuming.

Access to real-time data during check-in meetings and coaching sessions through simple, one-click links to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) records results in more transparent, data-driven sales coaching. Through Metric Snapshots, leaders can easily compare snapshots to show progress over time, allowing for a better understanding of how the pipeline is changing and where reps should focus their attention. This eliminates the time that managers spend going through previous agendas and reports to see how a rep’s pipeline looked at an earlier date compared with today.

“The best sales coaching is data-driven. Yet a challenge we hear often is that before a check-in with a sales rep, a manager has to download a few custom reports from Excel or open multiple tabs to find the information that will help them effectively coach their people,” said Brian Trautschold, COO and co-founder of Ambition. “Right now, there’s no way to show a pipeline snapshot from the past alongside one from the present, highlight the change and surface it in a meeting format. We are listening to our customers here and continuing to rapidly expand the value centers of our one-of-a-kind sales management platform. It’s an exciting time in the sales enablement space and customers are hungry for new capabilities.”

Ambition is solving new customer needs by delivering an ecosystem of encouragement, performance accountability, and actionable insights that also save managers time and maximize the value of their check-ins and coaching sessions.

The new Ambition feature can pull in any reportable field from a CRM and pre-populate meeting agendas with specific questions managers want reps’ feedback on. These metrics and questions can be common across a team or specific to a particular rep.

This announcement follows Ambition’s recent appointment of Butler Raines, former head of product at Salesloft, as VP and head of product. For more information about how to coach sales reps, keep sales teams motivated and create a winning culture, visit

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