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APEX Technologies President Tiger Yang Selected By Forbes China


Forbes China has selected President and Chief Operating Officer of APEX Technologies, Tiger Yang, as 30 Under 30 for 2018.  APEX Technologies is a leading data technology and AI company headquartered in Shanghai, also the parent company of APEX Network, its blockchain technology branch. This nomination will make APEX Technologies the first company in Asia with both founders who are independently selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 award (Founder and CEO Jimmy Hu in 2017), in combination with being selected by Forbes earlier this year as “China’s Top 50 Most Promising Companies”.

APEX Technologies has been experiencing annual triple-digit revenue growth since 2015, with close to 150 employees across 4 offices worldwide. The management states that building big data and AI solutions for use cases of customer data, marketing, and CRM for mid to large sized corporations is still the bread and butter core revenue generating business, but the company has recently successfully spun out a profitable blockchain technology business as well. In Q3 of 2018 up to date, APEX Technologies has secured multiple multimillion dollar contracts for developing blockchain infrastructure and decentralized applications for large private and state-owned enterprises. Though according to Tiger, the firm’s largest blockchain project is undoubtedly its own infrastructure APEX Network, an enterprise-ready public blockchain for building decentralized consumer applications, which is expected to launch before schedule.

“My job is to insure APEX Technologies runs efficiently and effectively and continues to scale, with the best talent. Many challenges lie ahead, including maintaining a consistent and healthy company culture as we continue to grow,” said Tiger. “The blockchain part of our company has also been particularly interesting for me. Blockchain in the sense of the cryptocurrency market can be chaotic and contain a lot of noise, but blockchain technology does not. Robust and value-delivering technology prevails, and that’s what we’re here to build. We’ve put a lot of resources, effort, and thought into the technology, and I think we will be rewarded greatly when ecosystem adoption takes place.”

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