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ARG Delivers New Market Insights on Customer Experience

Findings show that fast response times, self-service options and the convenience and time-savings that come from mobile-ready e-commerce capabilities drive loyalty, retention, and higher profits

Expanding on its growing portfolio of exclusive market insights and decision guides, ARG today announced the availability of the Customer Experience: Market Insights & Decision Guide. Developed in collaboration with AirKit, CX Effect, Dialpad, NICE, Observe.AI, Replicant, RingCentral, Talkdesk, and Vonage, the new insights guide evaluates the market dynamics and the impact that customer experience (CX) has on profit and business value, and how with the right investments in a digital-first experience, organizations can improve customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

“Today’s most successful brands are winning and differentiating themselves with customer experience,” said Heather Campbell, Chief Experience Officer, ARG. “It’s no longer a choice, but a necessity that ultimately translates into higher profits and shareholder value. Our new Market Insights & Decision Guide outlines the strategies and tactics that businesses can use to select technology partners that will deliver solutions and services that align with the modern consumer’s desire for highly responsive, self-service, and mobile-ready e-commerce capabilities.”

New technologies are changing the game
Businesses face a number of challenges when it comes to driving customer loyalty and retention – from ongoing labor shortages to the shift to remote and hybrid work to evolving expectations. Yet, with customer satisfaction ranking as high in importance as a company’s products or services, it is imperative that companies look to improve and measure their efforts around CX.

Campbell said, “People abandon excellent solutions when they come with poor support. Yet, many businesses are using legacy platforms and not taking advantage of the array of new technologies that can help them improve the experience, often while reducing long-term costs. Further, CX and marketing leaders often overlook the tools available today that allow you to meet your customers where they are and make the interaction more efficient simply because they are unaware of their existence. The application of these tools as an overlay to or replacement for existing systems is a game changer.”

Within the Customer Experience: Market Insights & Decision Guide, ARG outlines what customers want from their interactions with businesses, how remote and hybrid work trends are impacting customer experience, and key factors that businesses should consider when developing strategies for optimizing customer service and identifying opportunities to improve business outcomes. From the role that employee experience plays in customer satisfaction to selecting technology providers, the Market Insights & Decision Guide also offers use cases for leveraging automation, including omnichannel self-service solutions; guidance on processes that can deliver a consistent and frictionless experience for the consumer; and key steps business should take in creating a digital-first experience for customers.

“Forward-looking leaders move IT into a power position when they leverage technology to improve CX and drive greater corporate returns,” added John O. Cooper V, Senior Solution Specialist, UCaaS/CCaaS, ARG.

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